This 'Beauty & The Beast' Inspired Clothing Is Rad

If you've ever wanted to waltz in Belle's golden dress or flip through pages of a book while wearing a powdery blue frock, then this might be the chance you've been looking for. There are so many Beauty and the Beast fashion collections hitting stores with romantic dresses, countryside-residing peasant tops, bonafide riding capes, and quirky accessories. You can doll yourself up like a character from the Disney movie and no one would bat a lash, thanks to the excitement and hysteria around the film. If you've ever wanted to channel your inner French maid feather duster or Beast, then this is the time to do it!

There are so many interpretations of the movie into so many different aesthetics. You can get minimalist culottes and feel like you live in the French countryside with Gaston, or you can try on a yellow maxi dress that flirts with the look of the iconic ball gown. You can don a romper that hints at the provincial life thanks to its lace work and criss-cross neckline, or a blue Beauty and the Beast print dress because it's sometimes fun to be right on the nose. See which one of these Beauty and the Beast fashion items are your favorite!

A Straight Up Princess Gown

Disney Beauty And The Beast Belle Ball Gown, $108, Torrid

Let's start this list off right: What else would you want to wear other than Belle's iconic ballgown? Romantic and dramatic, anyone would be lucky to have that showstopper in their closet. And with this Torrid number, you can.

Embroidered Jacket

Baroque N Beauty Jacket, $150, Mink Pink

Live your love of Disney loudly with this badass embroidered coat. Not only is the light denim wash so in vogue right now, but the elaborate stitching and patchwork give a nod to the '90s.

Provincial Life Pinafore Culotte

Provincial Life Pinafore Culotte, $120, Mink Pink

It's not a blue dress with an apron on it, but it's the 2017 version of that. All you need is a white peasant top and blue denim overalls and you have yourself a modern bookworm.

Pick-Up Swing Dress

Icon Print Pick Up Swing Dress, $69, Torrid

If you want a more literal translation of Belle's powder blue dress, then this pick-up swing number can hit closer to the mark. Not only does it have major Disney princess vibes with its silhouette and vintage cut, but it also has a tumble of icons on its print.

Peasant Dress

Disney Beauty And The Beast Off-The-Shoulder Dress, $73, Macy's

Not every Disney collection has to recreate the outfits of the characters literally — some of them can just pull on their inspiration abstractly. Take this off-the-shoulder peasant dress for example. Maybe there's no apron involved, but you get the whole small town, peasant feel with it.

Lace Romper

Beauty And The Beast Bell Sleeve Lace Romper, $40, Kohl's

Nothing says "quaint" and "romance" like a lace romper. While maybe Belle didn't have this particular one in her talking dresser, I can totally see the French maid feather duster rocking this.

A Red Riding Hood

Rose Embroidered Double Layered Cape, $79, Torrid

Let's not pretend this cape isn't everything. Just like our heroine's hood when she goes looking for her papa, you can warm yourself from the chill with a piece similar of your own.

A Toned Down Ball Gown

Beauty And The Beast Cold-Shoulder Dress, $84, Macy's

If you definitely dig Belle's ballgown but don't think you'll have many places to wear something so magical, may I introduce you to the toned-down version. While it definitely still herralds back to her original style (those droopy straps!) you can still get away with wearing it on a normal week day.

French Maid Sweater

Burnt By You Sweater, $80, Mink Pink

Why not celebrate one of the lesser appreciated characters, like the French maid? Sassy and adorable on the front, the back of the sweater says "I've been burnt by you before."

Ah, haven't we all at one time or other.

Crossbody Purse

Cogsworth Crossbody, $68, Danielle Nicole

Tip your hat to the OG Disney animation with this fun and quirky Cogsworth Crossbody bag. Wear it to the theaters and then anytime after you're feeling nostalgic and magical.

Beast Backpack

Beast Backpack, $78, Danielle Nicole

If you're more into backpacks than purses or clutches, then I still have you covered. Check out this incredibly detailed, super fun beast knapsack. I don't think anyone is going to try to steal your wallet when it's inside this thing.

Whether you just want one piece to wear to the theaters or stock up on a few because so they're dang cute, feel free to dabble. You can't go wrong with Disney fashion.

Images: Courtesy Brands