11 Best Dog Breeds For Travel, So You Always Have An Adventure Buddy

by Brittany Bennett
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Traveling isn't only a thing you do once a year for two weeks. For some people, traveling is a lifestyle. Adventure vans are packed with climbing gear and road maps and sleeping bags for year round sight seeing. If you love to live this lifestyle and are looking to add a dog and all their toys to the mix, there are the best dog breeds for travel so you can always have an adventure buddy.

On first thought I assumed that small, compact dogs were the best travel companions. Because, well, they don't take up much space! However, size doesn't matter. A bigger dog with a love for sticking its head out the window will also travel with enthusiasm, and not take up too much room. Besides, it's not about what breed can fit into a travel carrier. It's about what breeds will hike by your side, jump into the lake, and have a bone while you enjoy a s'more by the campfire.

Whether you're day tripping to the mountains or taking a month to drive across the country, make room for Fido. Most dogs love a good ride in the car, but these dogs live for the adventure. Bon(e) voyage!


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The Dachshund may be small, but it has got a ginormous heart for adventuring. Pet Central refers to these beloved 'wiener' dogs as, "a friendly, inquisitive breed." They're likely to follow you wherever you go whether that's across the country or to the bathroom. Because of their compact size, they travel well in carriers on planes or in the front seat.

Labrador Retriever

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This classic and loved breed will be friendly to all the new friends you make on the way of your ventures. And he'll be by your side as you swim in lakes and run up mountainous trails. The Labrador Retriever is gentle and active and will be a loving addition to your always-on-the-road family.

Norwich Terrier

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Don't expect this little dog to stay on your lap. Norwich Terriers, as Pet Central explains, "like to stay busy." They're a pick-up-and-go kind of breed. If you're in love with exploring this wide world, the Norwich Terrier is the kind of breed to have by your side.

Portuguese Water Dog

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The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the name. The Portuguese Water Dog does, in fact, love the water. If you're constantly traveling to the beach or the lake or the river or even just the swimming hole, the Portuguese Water Dog will be the first in the car.


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Pet Central says that the Brittany is, "A fun-loving sporting dog that’s slightly smaller than other sporting breeds." Expect this dog to stick their head out the window and launch out of the back seat once you open the door. They'll be ready to do whatever you have on the itinerary.

Russell Terrier

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The Russell Terrier is a family dog. They're loving and playful and will make any travel 100 times more joyful. Travel wise, they're travel size, so it's easy to pick up and move from one place to the next.


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The Maltese may look like a high maintenance, prissy breed, but this adorable doggo is a fearless teacup sized pup ready to ride shotgun. According to Bark Post, this breed loves a good car ride and will be smiling the entire way to your destination.

Cocker Spaniels

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The Cocker Spaniel is the perfect size. According to American Kennel Club, "They are big enough to be sporty, but compact enough to be portable." Meaning, they'll fit right into your adventure vehicle and hop out ready to play fetch. Be careful around the "w" word, this breed takes "walk" very seriously.

Golden Retriever

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Who can resist the sweetness of a Golden Retriever? Nobody. You just can't. If you're adding a Golden to your pack, you're in luck. This happy-go-lucky breed is sociable and really just wants to hold your paw as you drive into the sunset. They're up for car rides and wherever you're going, really.


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Beagles love to be outside. But Bark Post cautions, "ensure Snoopy is VERY well trained with fantastic recall skills, because once he catches [a] scent, nothing else matters." Hound dogs through and through, this dog would love to come on a hike — and then follow that scent he picked up.

Australian Shepherd

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Sporty and smart, this dog needs to stay entertained. The American Kennel Club calls this breed "tireless", so if you're looking for a dog that can keep up with your constant activities and travel routes, this is the perfect breed for traveling.