11 Best Playlists To Listen To When You Can't Stop Thinking About Your Crush

When you've got the feels for someone new, your life starts to feel like a movie. Everything you do is enriched with the possibility of love, every time you speak, it's with a little smile that you can't hide, and every time you look in the mirror, you see yourself a little bit differently; little bit pinker, a little bit more luminescent. Personally, when I'm crushing on someone, I like to lean into the whole experience and listen to music that elevates those fluttery feelings to a cinematic level. The best playlists to listen to when you have a crush on someone are the ones that make your every moment feel silver screen-worthy.

Those early stages of a relationship are so special and fleeting, so why not make the most of it and savor each second with a great song? Listening to music can heighten your awareness and help you to stay present during a time that it's easy to get carried away with the future. Whether you prefer a playlist that helps you chill the heck out because the crush jitters have a hold on you, or you prefer a playlist to amp you up because you're bursting with energy, you'll want to queue up some relevant tunes and enjoy the feels to the max. Here are a few playlists to chose from:

For Those Power Ballad Kinda Feels

A big love deserves a big song. When you're feeling great about a new relationship, listen to the greats. If you feel like shouting from a mountain top, consider belting a classic.

For Shy Vibes

If you've got a crush that you're too coy to express, you'll love these subtle love songs that dance around the subject just like you do. Maybe they'll even give you the courage to go out there and profess your love.

For A Young Adult Kind Of Vibe

If this crush has you feeling like Bella Swan, just go there, don't be ashamed. Howl at the moon if you're so inspired, love makes us do crazy and ridiculous things.

For A Moody Complicated Crush

Not all crushes are rainbows and butterflies. If you're in a complicated situation with a complex love, lean into the moody vibes and just feel what you're feeling.

For A "Heck Yes, It's Finally Happening!" Kind of Crush

When you've had feelings for someone for a long time and finally express them, it's empowering. When your feelings are reciprocated, it's like fireworks. Celebrate a little, it's OK to gloat.

For A Sexy Time

Whether you're in the mood, or would like to amp yourself up so that you can get in in the mood, you'll want some sexy tunes to help get you there.

For A Need To Chill Out

Sometimes a crush brings out the worst in us. It makes us anxious, insecure, and worried, when really we should just be going with the flow and feeling the feels. If you're in this position, chill out with these mellow tunes.

For A Throw-Back Kind Of Crush

When you haven't had a crush in a while, it stirs up a lot of nostalgia from when you were younger and felt like a fan girl every time you liked someone. Give a nod to your younger self and celebrate the resilience of your heart with some throwback love songs.

For A Movie Script Ending

If you try to live your life like it's the sequel to 500 Days of Summer, you'll want to blast these rom com tunes as loud as you can. Live your life like it's a movie, who cares if no one's watching.

For An Unrequited Love

When you have a crush on someone and it's not reciprocated, it can be a lonely time. But unrequited love is the root of some of the best art throughout history, so embrace it!

For A Secret Or Forbidden Crush

When you have a crush on someone at work or someone with a complicated relationship status, it feels like a pretty heavy secret. You might not want to talk about it with anyone, but you're not alone. The proof lies in just how many songs there are about this very circumstance.