The 11 Best Playlists To Listen To When You're Thinking About Your Ex... Again

Eugenio Marongiu/Fotolia

Sometimes, you're undeniably still hung up on your ex — thinking about them all the time and imagining you'll get back together. Other times, it might surprise you. You think you're doing fine until you see their name pop up on Instagram or walk by the restaurant where you had your first date and suddenly, it all just hits you in the gut. But no matter what the circumstances are, missing your ex is tough. Not only can it feel heavy and suffocating, it's also easy to get into an blackhole where you can't stop thinking about them on a loop.

So how can you get over them... rather than doing something silly like calling them over and over at 2 a.m.? Well, it can be hard to stop yourself, but a good distraction can help. (And if you feel like being hung up on your ex is affecting your day-to-day, it's always a good idea to talk to loved one or a therapist.)

If you're feeling like you can't stop thinking your ex, here are some playlists worth checking out — from the angry anthems to the uplifting hits that remind you will fall in love again — because sometimes it helps to remember that others have been there before and that this feeling will pass, eventually.

When You're Angry As Hell

This playlist has you covered, with the very apt title, "f*ck you, i miss you, i hate you so much". Expect a little of everything, from Big Sean to Adele to Justin Bieber. It's a great choice when you want to vacillate between wallowing and telling them to eff right off.

When You Just Want To Be Sad

If it's a fresh breakup, you may still be in the very sad stage. And that's OK. Give yourself some time to feel down before you make yourself snap out of it.

When You Want To Shout It Out

These breakup anthems, from Tay Tay to Sam Smith to Post Malone, have a lot of heartache you can belt out, but also enough upbeat choices in between to help you feel positive.

When You Need Reminding It Wasn't Right

It's an entire playlist called "Better Off Alone" — need I say more?

When You're Ready To Look Forward

This "It Gets Better" playlist has 100 songs from Lady Gaga to Pink, all ready to remind you that you won't feel this way forever.

When You Need A Mood Lift

This playlist comes straight from Spotify. It's called "Daily Lift" and it's always ready with upbeat and uplifting songs to help you start your day off with a little boost.

When You Just Need Beyoncé

Here's an entire playlist devoted to Queen Bey. And to be honest, her music is basically medicine when it comes to getting over breakups, so just listen, learn, and heal.

When You Want To Snap Out Of It

If you're done wallowing and you want to remember all of the great things that are heading your way, this is a playlist full of anthems to remind you that being single can be the effing best.

When Your'e Feeling Nostalgic

Sometimes when you're hurting, it's time to just go straight for the cheese. This playlist is full of classic anthems and love songs for the classic rock lover buried in your soul — belt out Journey and forget your problems.

When You're In The Shower

A playlist dedicated to singing along? Yes, please — let the catharsis and healing begin.

When You're Ready

And finally, sometimes you just need a reminder that you can fall in love again. These songs that will make you feel like it's a possibility. Only when you're ready, of course.

Getting over an ex isn't easy, but whether you need to be sad for an hour and cry it out or get yourself pumped, these playlists should help make the process a little easier — or at least a little more soulful.