7 Subtle Signs The Universe Is Telling You Your Partner Isn't "The One"

by Kristine Fellizar
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If you're a big believer in that great big higher power, you've probably asked the universe for signs. When it comes to big life decisions like a move or a career change, asking the universe to provide guidance can be helpful in your decision making process. When it comes to love, sometimes you will receive subtle signs from the universe that you have met your soulmate. And sometimes the universe will tell you they aren't.

"The universe delivers messages to people in many ways," psychic and spiritual advisor, Davida Rappaport, tells Bustle. "Learning to trust the information that comes to someone takes practice and 20/20 hindsight to learn how messages arrive and most important of all, how to decode them."

Sometimes messages may be vague and require some thought to figure it out. Other times, messages may be like big flashing neon signs you can't really miss.

"The one thing you want to avoid is going into analysis mode and destroying the message," Rappaport says. "Overthinking is the killer of intuition. You can see a sign, hear a voice, feel energy or just know something. All of these sensory and a few other experiences are ways in which the universe provides you with information or messages."

Be sure to listen and pay attention. "The more you listen, the more the universe will guide you in your life," she says.

So if you're asking the universe for signs about your relationship, here are some subtle signs that universe may be trying to say your partner might not be "The One."


You Don't Like What Your Friends And Family Say About Your Partner

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There are a ton of ways the universe sends us messages, astrologer and psychic medium, Suzie Kerr Wright, tells Bustle, but the most obvious ones are the ones we tend to miss.

"It's hilarious how often we ask for signs and when we get the most ridiculously clear ones, we just shut down," she says. "I know no one should just automatically listen to what others tell us to do — that is for us to decide — but if everyone has been telling you they're not right for you, listen!"

Ask yourself, what are your friends and family saying about your partner? You might not realize it, but the universe may be telling you something through them. So if you feel like you're always on the defense or have to ignore any sort of advice they give you, your partner may be wrong for you.


You Feel Disconnected From Your Significant Other

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When you no longer feel connected to your partner you need to pay attention to your feelings, Rappaport says. "You may no longer feel the way you need to feel, you may find yourself holding back because you sense something is missing, and when you kiss your partner you may feel distant from them as if you're just going through the motions," she says. These are signs that you're not connecting and that feeling you get may be the universe's way of telling you that your partner really isn't "The One."


You Start Checking Out Other People Out Of Nowhere

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If you've only had eyes for your partner for the longest time and then suddenly you start checking out all the attractive people you come across, that's something to be aware of.

"While you may have no idea why your eye is roving, this can be a sign that you need to think about your current relationship and what is no longer working for you," Rappaport says. Sometimes the universe just hits you over the head because you would never consider leaving your partner. What you may not realize is that your partner may have been "The One" for right now, not "The One" for your lifetime.


Your Ex Contacts You And Your Heart Still Gets Excited

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"If your ex-partner is someone who still makes your heart flutter, this is a sign that your current partner is not 'The One,'" Rappaport says. Even if you don't want your ex back, the fact that you get a bunch of weird feelings can indicate that you may not feel as strongly for your current partner as you think.

Although it's doesn't necessarily mean that your ex is "The One" either, Rappaport says, "Your ex may have contacted you because the universe wants you to realize your feelings." Sometimes the universe will drop major things on you. It's up to you to really sort things out.


Your Partner Says Something Out Of The Blue That Makes You Look At Them Differently

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You may think you know your partner inside and out. But if your partner says something out of the blue that doesn’t sit right with you and it happens all of a sudden, you no longer feel connected to them, it could be a sign from the universe.

"The universe may be giving you a wake-up call before you become too involved or make a permanent commitment," Rappaport says. For instance, you may find out that your partner's true political beliefs or religious beliefs are not in sync with yours. While you may love your partner very much, you may no longer feel that you can be with them because your beliefs clash. Your partner bringing it up at a crucial moment in your relationship can be the universe's way of saying, "Hold on!"


Songs On The Radio Seem To Know What's Going On In Your Life

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If you ever turned on your car radio to hear, "You Can't Hurry Love" or "Another One Bites The Dust" after a questionable date, Caroline E. Zani, psychic medium and author of Piper, Once & Again, tells the universe is trying to guide you.

"I had a client who was walking into the jewelry store at a mall with her fiancé to pick up their wedding rings and the song, 'It's a Mistake' by Men at Work was playing. She told me she hadn't heard that song since the 80's," Zani says. "My client just knew it was for her. She was having doubts from the beginning and this just helped validate her gut feelings."

If you're looking for answers, turn on the radio. You never know what kind of answers you're going to get.


You're Not Comfortable Being Yourself Around Your Partner

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If you constantly feel like you have to adjust your nature or identity for the sake of peace in your relationship, your partner is probably not “The One." As Shannon Aganza, Astrologer and Intuitive at Four Moons Spa, tells Bustle, "The universe usually communicates this to us through our emotional body. It never feels quite safe enough to relax or 'let your core go' in the relationship."

But if you are with "The One," Aganza says you'll have a feeling of clarity and stillness. "Instead of looking for the fireworks or intense passion (which are usually karmic lures to get you engaged in a self-growth relationship), look for that balanced feeling."

"The One" will probably be different from you in a complimentary way. When you're with them you'll feel that sense of peace and "centeredness." As Aganza says, "It's a beautiful perfect base to build a life partnership on!"

So if you're ever going to turn to the universe for signs, make sure to listen. Trust those gut feelings and allow yourself to receive any messages it wants to give you.