11 Birthday Party Ideas Overachieving Capricorns Will Actually Like

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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The thing about trying to plan a birthday celebration for Capricorn is that you can't. Because they already started planning their birthday party for this year, last year. Caps are overachievers, and they're incredibly driven to do and be the best, so the best time to think about their birthday party is in the moments after the last one, when they're able to see clearly what could have been better. So if you're a Cap who has exhausted every birthday idea, or you're stuck with the impossible task of helping a Cap plan a party, you'll want to know how astrologers think Capricorns should celebrate their birthdays, because no one knows this earth sign better than the cosmos.

According to astrologer Lisa Stardust, "their work hard, play hard sentiments will def be a core theme of their bday — with play hard being the top priority." For other signs, a simple dinner might do, but Caps need a full production. They need to feel like whatever it is they're doing on their birthday is different, special, and unlike anything they'd do any other night of the year. What's more, they want to feel confident that everyone else is having a good time, so the more interactive and diverse the plan, the better. A Cap's worst nightmare is an uncomfortable or poorly-planned meal in a crowded restaurant. They want to be able to interact with everyone, not worry about their volume and not be restricted by a table or rules. So, if you're going to throw a Cap a party in a restaurant, make sure it's a theme restaurant, or that you've booked a private section. Here are some unforgettable birthday experiences that Caps will thoroughly enjoy:

1. A Staycation

Caps like nice things, and though they might want to hang out and lounge and eat with friends, it's not going to feel memorable unless it's somewhere special. Book a room at a hotel, invite friends over, drink fancy drinks, wear robes, and chill out in a chic way. You can use an app like HotelTonight to find a sweet room via last minute deals.

2. An ASMR Spa

Luxury Escapism

Why go to a regular spa when you can go to technological spa with virtual reality and sensory devices and services that are actually unlike anything you and your friends have ever experienced? If you live near New York City, head to the brand new Luxury Escapism in Dumbo, Brooklyn, where you and your friends can check your regular lives at the door, slip on a robe and plug into the matrix for a few hours with the supreme Capricorn satisfaction that this is the most unique birthday ever, because there's no other place in the world like it.

3. A Speakeasy

While a Cap might be bored by the concept of going to a regular bar, a speakeasy is perfectly on brand. Many cities have a secret speakeasy that's hard to get into and incredibly fun to be at. Create a dress code that feels fun or festive and round up your friends to meet at a secret location.

4. A Circus School Class


Want to get outside of your comfort zone? Find a circus school near you and sign up you and your friends for a class together. Trapeze is offered in most major cities. There's nothing more freeing and fun than flying through the air, it will bond you and your best friends in a whole new way.

5. A Pottery Session

Caps love crafts, because they like being able to create something that they can keep. Many pottery studios offer group rates and you can bring your own wine or snacks to create a party vibe. Caps will be able to relax and enjoy the party because everyone else will be busy and invested in the activities and getting something to take home, too.

6. A Private Dance Class


Book a private dance class for you and your friends, and have a blast learning a combination and goofing off. Caps love to master something new, so their competitive nature will come out and they'll get very into this class.

7. Karaoke

Though sometimes it takes a little bit of encouragement, Caps love taking the mic and crooning the night away at a karaoke bar. Book them a private room so the night feels intimate and so that they can still interact with their friends and catch up.

8. An Adventure Dinner


A regular dinner in town won't please a Cap, but a surprise dinner out-of-town will excite them and make them feel special. Whether it's just the next town over, or even a few hours away, Caps are always down for an adventure, and getting there for this hardworking goat, is half the fun. Being stuck in the car with their loved ones is always a good time for singing, laughing, and catching up.

9. A Group Hike

Caps are the goats of the zodiac, so they love to keep moving. A Cap is never happier than when they've reached the summit and can enjoy a nice view. Round up the troops, pack some delicious snacks to enjoy at the peak, and spend the day outside together.

10. A Small Dinner Party


Capricorns love small dinner parties because they're different from their regular dinner programming at home, but not so overwhelming that they have to worry about catching up with everyone. Throw a Cap a small party with close friends and make sure there are lots of sweets. Because Caps thrive when they're competing, throw a board game into the mix.

11. A Night The The Opera

Capricorns love to dress up, they love to feel fancy and sophisticated and they're always down for a cultural event. Give them a reason to wear that dress in the back of their closet that's too fancy for any contemporary event and go to the opera or the ballet.

No matter what you do with a Cap on their birthday, make sure you keep things light and look for opportunities to laugh together. At the end of the day, a Cap remembers the moments they laughed the hardest over the particular details of the experience.