11 'Captain Marvel' Clues From The Comics That Show Carol Danvers Will Change The MCU Forever

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Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War ahead. In March 2019, the Captain Marvel movie will change the MCU as you know it. If you thought that Infinity War did that, think again, because despite the shocking deaths at the end of the third Avengers film, it doesn't necessarily create new opportunities for the future of the MCU. In fact, it almost killed everyone off so right now, there is no future of the MCU. Clues from the Marvel comics suggest that Captain Marvel will probably save everything, though. Not only will the superhero (played by Brie Larson) likely help bring a few key Avengers back to life, she will probably create a whole lot of opportunities for new and exciting characters to join the MCU. Leave it up to a woman to fix everything.

Even if you're strictly a Marvel movie watcher and never a comic reader, you might want to take some time to catch up on Captain Marvel's, aka Carol Danvers', back story, because she has a great one. Sure, getting bitten by a spider is cool, as is accidentally getting injected with a Super-Serum of which the FDA would never approve, but Danvers might have the greatest superhero transformation story of all. She started off as a pilot in the Air Force and eventually got caught up in a battle involving a Kree alien that melded her genes with the alien's. That one gene-fusing blast might have the power to change everything about the MCU as you know it, and here's the greatest proof from the comics that Captain Marvel will be a must-see.


A Creepy Race Of Shape-Shifting Aliens Will Play A Big Part Of The Movie

The Skrulls can shape-shift to resemble any being's appearance and they're notoriously savages in battle. As Nerdist reports, a warrior called Super-Skrull once even joined Thanos to help the Infinity War villain collect the Cosmic Cube. The last thing that the Avengers need is for a Skrull invasion on earth, and Danvers is the right person to stop that from happening.


Carol Danvers Will Impress You Even Before She Becomes Captain Marvel

In the comics, the character has an incredible origin story. She starts off as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force and then moves on to the Air Force Intelligence — where she meets Nick Fury. Even without her impressive superpowers, she possesses great talent and strength.


You Will Meet A New Alien Hero, Mar-Vell

Mar-Vell is of the alien race, the Kree, and it's his alien genes that meld with Danvers' while they both worked for NASA. After that, Danvers became part-human, part-Kree, and hence her abilities as a superhero developed. You might remember from Guradians of the Galaxy that Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) was a Kree, and he may return in Captain Marvel. Jude Law is set to play Mar-Vell, the Kree warrior.


A Big Battle Between The Kree and Skrull Will Take Place

According to Screen Rant, Captain Marvel will focus on the Kree and Skrull wars. Who knows, that just might give Danvers certain knowledge to how the Infinity Stones work so she can reverse their damage in Avengers 4.


You'll Learn A Lot More About Nick Fury's Past

Even though Captain Marvel will be about its titular character, it will also give Marvel fans a much-deserved back story to Nick Fury. As Marvel Studios' mastermind Kevin Feige told Variety, “[Fury] encounters certain things in this movie. It sets him on that path that leads us to where we are 19 films later.”


Danvers Might Start As Ms. Marvel Before She's Captain Marvel

In the comics, Danvers first becomes a hero called Ms. Marvel before she officially adopted the Captain Marvel title, which Mar-Vell held for a while. When photos from the Captain Marvel movie leaked in Jan., many wondered why Larson was seen wearing a green colored suit rather than the classic red one. It could be because Danvers started off as a different superhero for most of her roles in the comic books.


Like 'Infinity War,' Parts Of 'Captain Marvel' Could Take Place On Different Planets

Seeing as Carol Danvers has half-alien genes, she spends a lot of time in outer space throughout the comics. That can probably only help the Avengers in the upcoming fourth movie, and it might open up more opportunities for more intergalactic storylines for Phase 4 of the MCU, as a lot of theories have posited.


You Will See New Superhero Powers

Captain Marvel can do all of the normal superhero stuff, like pinning down her opponents in hand-to-hand combat. She can also fly, shoot light beams out of her hands, absorb and redistribute energy, and predict the future. With a resume like that it's reasonable if you get a little annoyed that she wasn't introduced at all during the first nine years of the MCU.


Before She Became A Superhero, Danvers Was Still A Badass

From piloting fighter jets to working for NASA, Danvers was a particularly impressive hero from the start.


Captain Marvel Didn't Always Get Along With The Avengers

According to Marvel's wiki, Danvers frequently joined and then left the Avengers, and she didn't always leave on great terms. Like a true superhero, though, she knows when to put her personal grievances for the greater good of the universe.


She Might Link The X-Men To The Avengers

While Danvers was on the outs with the Avengers, she would sometimes join the X-Men to help them out for a change. While the X-Men probably won't be in Captain Marvel, they could be mentioned at some points, and it could create even more opportunities for the future of the MCU.

Not only is Captain Marvel exciting on her own, the introduction of her character presents a lot of great potential for the whole future of the MCU.