11 Ways To Throw The Perfect Cat Birthday Party

Anyone who owns a cat knows that these cuddly little animals are way more than just a pet — your cat is your fur-baby, and they deserve just as much love and attention as any real baby would get. That means that cats deserve to be celebrated, especially on their birthdays — because honestly, where would you be without them? It night not be enough to just give them a few extra hugs, or throw some delicious treats on top of their normal meal. No, many of us want to throw our cats a party in honor of how special they are, which is something that can be a little tricky considering cats aren't really that into large crowds. There are, however, a few ways to throw the perfect cat birthday party that you'll both have fun at.

When planning a cat birthday party, it's important to remember that, you know, your cat isn't going to totally appreciate all of the effort you put into the experience, which means that you don't need to do anything over-the-top. Planning something simple, fun, and adorable is more than good enough. You also want to make sure you add a bunch of things your cat will love and enjoy as well, and luckily, that's not too hard.

Ready to spoil your fur baby? Here are a few tips on putting together an excellent cat birthday party:


Buy Some Catnip Toys

VIVOO Catnip Stick, $9.99, Amazon

Your cat's version of downing a few glasses of champagne? Indulging in some catnip. Head to the pet store and pick up a bunch of fun cat nip toys for them to play with, ensuring they will have a very good time. And so will you — few things are as entertaining as watching a cat run around like the Energizer Bunny.


Set Up Some Extra Treats

Temptations Treats, $3.14, Amazon

Like any other animal, cats love to eat. The perfect time to spoil your cat is their birthday! Go to the store and buy some of their favorite treats, then give them to your cat throughout the day. Just don't go overboard — you don't want to make your cat sick.


Get Some Fun Toys To Get Your Cat Jumping Around

Cat Dancer Rainbow Cat Charmer, $3.89, Amazon

I have three cats, and their favorite thing to do is play with a toy that forces them to run around and chase something. Your cat will especially appreciate this if they've just enjoyed a healthy dose of catnip.


Invite Your Friends Who Also Like Cats, But Skip Other Cats

Kitty Birthday Invitation, $10.90, Etsy

If you want your cat's birthday party to be a success, you have to invite some other people besides just yourself and whoever you live with. Invite your friends and family members who also like cats (someone who doesn't just won't get it, and let's be real, you don't need downers at your party), especially your cat. Just don't invite any other cats. Unlike dogs, cats don't really like meeting friends, and if you invite other cats, a fight could break out.


Bake Some Cat-Shaped Treats

Cat Sugar Cookies, $36, Etsy

Since you're inviting other humans, you need some things that people can eat too — your cat isn't the only one who gets extra treats at this party! Bake a cat-shaped cake, or simply order some cat-shaped treats off the internet. These cat cookies from Etsy are very adorable.


Get Everyone To Wear Cat-Ear Headbands

Crystal Cat Ear Headbands, $11.99, Etsy

You've clearly got a theme going (cats, obviously), so you need to get everyone into it. Do that by giving out cat-ear headbands to everyone comes by. They're adorable! They'll also make for some cute photos.


Set Up Some Games For Humans

Mini Cat Pinata, $28.92, Etsy

You might have catnip and toys set up for your cat, but you'll need something for your guests to do as well. Stay on-theme with some just cat games. You could try Pin The Tail On The Cat, which is a fun spin, or fill up a cat piñata like this one to give out even more treats.


Set Up Empty Boxes All Over The Place

Sometimes, you go out and spend a lot of money on expensive toys... and then your cat just wants to play with an old roll from the finished toilet paper. So, set up an inexpensive little jungle gym by putting empty boxes all over the place. Your cat will love it.


Buy Cat-Themed Decorations

Meow Gold Letter Balloons, $9, Etsy

It wouldn't be a birthday party without decorations, and luckily, there are tons of cat-themed decorations to choose from. Go with balloons, streamers, and cat plates. You can also hang up some adorable photos of the guest of honor.


Instead Of Gifts, Ask For Donations

If you invite other people to this party, don't have them bring a gift for your cat. Instead, set up the opportunity for them to donate to an animal cause, like a local shelter that needs help. This is a great way to turn the party into something useful.


Give Out Cute Pawty Favors

Cat Popcorn Boxes, $17.50, Etsy

Anyone who was nice enough to attend your cat's birthday party deserves a favor (just saying). Hand them out in cute cat boxes like these. You can also make little bags of cat treats for any guest who has a cat of their own.