11 Charming Phrases From The '50s That We Should Bring Back

Andrwe Zaeh for Bustle

Each decade has its own unique batch of words and phrases, which have the ability to immediately transport you back in time, the moment you hear them. And all the charming words from the '50s are no different. Just try to say "hey, daddy-o" or "let's go back to the pad" without picturing hotrods and poodle skirts, Beatniks and sock hops.

Of course, it's easy to idealize decades, and picture them in a fun, movie-esque type way. There was way more to the Beat generation of the '50s, for example, than coffeeshops, typewriters, and a few cool slang words. And yet, it can still be fun to bring these words back, and add a few of them into our conversations today.

While slang from other decades might bring to mind a different mood, there's definitely a charm factor to '50s terminology, as well as a certain level of coolness. You can say you're OK, or you can say "everything's copacetic." You could be excited, or something could "razz your berries." And something could be funny. Or, it could be a "bit tickle." If you could use some more '50s slang in your life, then go ahead and steal a few hip phrases from the list below.