11 Charming Phrases From The '50s That We Should Bring Back

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Each decade has its own unique batch of words and phrases, which have the ability to immediately transport you back in time, the moment you hear them. And all the charming words from the '50s are no different. Just try to say "hey, daddy-o" or "let's go back to the pad" without picturing hotrods and poodle skirts, Beatniks and sock hops.

Of course, it's easy to idealize decades, and picture them in a fun, movie-esque type way. There was way more to the Beat generation of the '50s, for example, than coffeeshops, typewriters, and a few cool slang words. And yet, it can still be fun to bring these words back, and add a few of them into our conversations today.

While slang from other decades might bring to mind a different mood, there's definitely a charm factor to '50s terminology, as well as a certain level of coolness. You can say you're OK, or you can say "everything's copacetic." You could be excited, or something could "razz your berries." And something could be funny. Or, it could be a "bit tickle." If you could use some more '50s slang in your life, then go ahead and steal a few hip phrases from the list below.


"Hey, Daddy-O"

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The next time you say hi to a friend, or want to address them in some way, go ahead and call them "daddy-O," for just a pinch of '50s charm. This phrase was used back in the day to refer to cool people. But can also be used slightly sarcastically, such as "whatever you say, daddy-o!"


"That Razzes My Berries"

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Sure, you could say something excites you. Or, you could say it really "razzes your berries." It's totally up to you, but the most fun answer seems obvious.


"Made In The Shade"

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To say that you're "made in the shade" is to say you don't have a care in the world. Picture a '50s era person kicking back in their lawn chair, or by the pool in a big sunhat, and you'll see why it makes sense.


"That's The Living End!"

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To express surprise and joy over how amazing something is, you might say it's "the living end." As in "this lemonade is the living end" or "this song is the living end!" Folks may not know what you're talking about, but that's half the fun.


"Everything's Copacetic"

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Whenever life's chill and under control, you can say "everything's copacetic." This was a popular phrase back in the '50s. But since it has such a cool vibe, it may be one we want to bring back.


"You Dig?"

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Back in the day, the Beat community would ask each other this question as a way of making sure everyone was on the same page. You dig?


"You're A Cool Cat"

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The word "cat" was reserved for hip people, and said most often among artsy folks and musicians. It definitely has an old school ring to it, and one we may need more of in our lives.


"Ring A-Ding-Ding!"

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If you want to express excitement, with maybe a slight hint of sarcasm, go ahead and respond with "well, a ring-a-ding-ding." This phrase was popularized by Frank Sinatra back in the '50s, but can still come in handy today.


"Let's Burn Rubber"


Even if you don't own a flashy '50s hotrod, you can still burn rubber, or peel out of a situation in such a way that could potentially leave tire tracks.


"That Was A Big Tickle"

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If a movie was really funny, or a joke totally hilarious, then it was a "big tickle," according to folks from the '50s.


"Let's Go Back To My Pad"

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Back in the middle of the last century, you definitely didn't go back to someone's house or apartment. Oh no. You went back to their pad to hang out, especially if you were a cool cat.

If you want to add a moment of '50s charm to your day, go ahead and use a few of these words. And just try not to feel a little bit cooler.