11 Children’s Book Retellings That Are Definitely For Adults

If there's anything that adults love, it's ruining their own childhood memories. I mean, just look at our current crop of dark and gritty reboots. We've got satanic Sabrina and gray-scale Dumbo and a new Lion King movie that lives firmly in the uncanny valley (I'm not saying it's bad, I'm just saying that Disney should give us live action Robin Hood the fox). But TV and film aren't the only mediums that love to return to the classics over and over again: quite a few beloved children's books have been reinvented for adult readers (or for very adult readers, in some cases). Here are a few children's book retellings that are definitely not for kids

Fairy tales are always ripe for a thoroughly grown up reboot — especially since most fairy tales are fairly dark to begin with, anyway. But even beyond the Grimm brothers, contemporary authors have found new (and often disturbing) twists on beloved fantasy worlds like Wonderland, Neverland, and Oz. What felt enchanting and random as a kid starts for feel a little... creepy... as a grown person. So if you're looking for a more psychologically charged view of your favorite kids' book, check out these mature retellings: