11 Covfefe Memes That Trump Has Inspired With His Bonkers Tweet

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In the wee hours of the morning, Trump did something he's done a million times already: tweet something he would quickly regret. Except this time, it was an unintelligible, incoherent message — more so than normal, I mean — that the interwebs are still trying to decode: "covfefe." That's what he tweeted: covfefe. And now, there are countless covfefe memes that Trump has inspired, similar to the way he's inspired other things, like hate crime and sexism.

Here's what we know. Around 12:06 a.m. Wednesday, Trump tweeted — presumably from a gold-plated toilet seat, which is where I imagine he does most of his tweeting — "Despite the constant negative press covfefe." And that was it. I don't know whether to be more annoyed at his use of an incomplete sentence or over the fact that he's making up entirely new words. Who does he think he is, Shakespeare?

It appears as though the original tweet has been removed, although Trump did attempt to make a joke (and failed miserably) by later tweeting, "Who can figure out the true meaning of 'covfefe' ??? Enjoy!" Bah. Ha. Ha. Ha.

While "terrific sense of humor" still isn't at the top of Trump's non-existent list of positive attributes, some of the memes and tweets he inspired will probably have you ROFLYFAO, or whatever acronyms kids are using these days.

1. Hair Game Strong

Nana Manika on Twitter

He's got that hair flip on point.

2. "I'm Such a Good Friend"

📸alt_kellyanne📸 on Twitter

It's not going to happen.

3. Can I Have The Definition Please?

Doug on Twitter

You are correct!

4. Y'all Got Anymore Of Those Made-Up Words?

Andrew on Twitter

Nothing to see here, folks.

5. Now It All Adds Up

Jordan VanDina on Twitter

At last!

6. A Cup of Covfefe

Jacob Oller on Twitter

A damn fine cup, indeed.

7. Cofveve Bae

Charles M. Blow on Twitter

There can only be one Salt Bae, but I'll let this slide.

8. Hydrating Covfefe Butter

Roy Wood Jr- Ex Jedi on Twitter

Apply covfefe butter daily for optimal efficacy.

9. What Can You Do For Covfefe?

Mike Gorman on Twitter

Nothing ruins a legendary quote quite like covfefe.

10. Get Me Covfefe

Aaron Linde on Twitter

Coming soon to a theater near you.


Super Deluxe on Twitter

+10 points for Meryl.