11 Disney Products For Fall All People Who Love Disney Will Flip Out Over


There's no better time to flex your Disney fanatic muscles than in the fall. As you transition your home from energized summer vibes to cozy autumn vibes, nostalgic decorum is key. These 11 Disney products are perfect for fall and if you're a true Disney obsessive, you'll flip your lid over 'em. There's no doubt that Disney-themed housewares evoke warm and fuzzy feelings of yesteryear and all things comforting and whimsical, but what you might not be aware of is just how much cool stuff the Disney Store sells.

From Pixar-themed appliances, to prop replicas like the Haunted Mansion's clock, there's so many cool and funky Disney items that are totally functional, too. If you're going to drink out of a mug, why not a mug with a ghost version of Mickey on it? And if you're going to have a party and serve food on paper plates, why not pick some paper plates that have Jack Skellington on them? Particularly if you like Halloween fall decor, but aren't crazy about the super gory stuff, you'll love what the Disney Store offers, because it skews cute, not creepy.

Here I've rounded up a few of my favorite items from their fall collection, for your decor inspiration.

Popcorn Machine

Pixar Collection Popcorn Popper

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The best part of fall is cozying up at home and watching movies. To really take your movie experience to the next level, a popcorn machine is clutch. And this one is adorable to boot.

Haunted Clock

The Haunted Mansion Clock

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This spooky, glow-in-the-dark clock is battery operated and totally functional. It makes the perfect Halloween decoration, but you can totally use it year-round if you're into the vibe.

Oven Mitts

The Hulk Oven Mitts

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Upgrade your oven mitt game with these seasonal novelties. They're padded and have rubber grips so you're free to use these year round if they add that perfect amount of kitsch to your kitchen.

Kitchen Canister

Coco Kitchen Canister

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Store anything you like in this ceramic jar — cookies, dog treats, keys, coupons, or odds and ends.

Dog Costume

Scary Teddy Pet Costume by Rubie's

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This Halloween costume is definitely way more adorable than it is scary, but if your dog enjoys being dressed up, this is perfect for the fall season.

Plaid Throw

Mickey Mouse Plaid Throw

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A little plaid throw in the fall is my favorite thing to cozy up to. Not to mention, adding this to your couch will instantly give the room a seasonal make over.

Salt & Pepper Shaker

Jack Skellington Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

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These handcrafted ceramic salt & pepper shakers are easily the best, subtle addition to your fall home decor game.

Lunch Plate

The Nightmare Before Christmas Lunch Plates

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These cute and spooky plates are made of paper, so they're perfect for fall picnics and easy clean-up meals. What's more, they're perfect for the Halloween season and the Christmas season — double whammy.

Ghost Mug

Mickey Mouse Ghost Mug

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Technically this mug is seasonal, but there's no reason why you can't enjoy your morning coffee or late night hot coco out of this mug, year round. That said, if you want to use it as spooky Halloween decor, it will totally do the trick.

Cup & Saucer

Ariel Cup and Saucer

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If your ideal fall day is getting cozy with a cup of hot tea, make it cuter by using this Ariel-themed cup and saucer set.

Bread Mold

Beauty and the Beast Silicone Bread Pan - Disney Eats

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In the fall, I love to bake my own bread. If you're into that DIY bread life, too, or even alternative loaf life, you'll want to make the most out of your crust with this Beauty and the Beast themed tray.

These cute and functional Disney items are perfect for cozy fall activities. If you're a Disney obsessive (or have a friend in your life who is), these home goods will be the talk of every Halloween party this season.