11 Cute Festival Shoes To Cop For Under $20

There are too many great things about festivals to count, like the sense of freedom and possibility, the whimsical festival garb, and the chance to see your favorite bands in one place. However one negative is you'll need specific shoes to wear to festivals that are under $20, because it's likely they're going to get trashed.

In fact, depending on your festival antics, you might need to dispose of or recycle all the clothes you packed to take with you. The combination of sweat stains, caked-on mud, and spilt drinks is enough to make you want to dump your festival apparel in the trash as soon as you get home.

All that being said, your shoes usually take the most battering at festivals. What with trudging through mud and puddles, as well as being trodden on more times than you can count, your shoes will likely be ruined. Of course, you could risk wearing your most fave footwear during a festival, but as someone who's been their and worn the T-shirt — or in my case, sparkly red ballet pumps — I highly recommend you don't.

So in order to literally save your soles, here's a bunch of shoes under $20 to wear to festivals.

1. The Fringe Sandals

Boutique Ruby Fringe 2 Part Suede Sandal, $8, Boohoo

Fringe and festivals go together like Kendall and Kylie.

2. The Jelly Sliders

UO Jelly Pool Slide, $10, Urban Outfitters

When it comes to festivals on scorching hot days, jelly sliders put the fun in functional — and you can simply rinse them off at the end of the day.

3. The Kooky Espadrilles

New Look Cactus Embroidery Motif Espadrille, $12, ASOS

Espadrilles are almost as iconic as ice-cream in the summer months. These cacti embroidered espadrilles will add a quirky vibe to your outfit.

4. The Dinosaur Sneakers

Dinosaur Lace-Up Sneakers, $15, Hot Topic

Grown up '90s kids and Jurassic Park fans alike are sure to love these nostalgic dino print sneakers.

5. The Sequin Trainers

Sophie Sequin Runner Trainer, $11, Boohoo

Sparkly trainers are for gals who are serious about style and comfort.

6. The Kitty Slip-Ons

Black Cat Slip-Ons, $15, Hot Topic

These feline slip-on shoes are sure to be comfy and majorly cute!

7. The Slogan Loafers

Good Vibes Slogan Loafer Black, $14, Missguided

Attract some good vibes at the fest with these eclectic loafers.

8. The Thrifty Flip Flops

Flamingo Print Flip Flops, $4, Forever 21

If you couldn't give a rat's ass about what's on your feet — because you'll be too busy rocking out to worry about your outfit — and you want to spend as little as possible, these fabulous flamingo print flip flops are ideal.

9. The Knotted Sandals

Funfair Knotted Sandals, $10, Top Shop

Knotted sandals in a bright shade will give you an Ancient Rome vibe with a modern twist.

10. The Starry High Tops

Eve Star High Top Trainer, $11, Boohoo

If the weather reporter predicts rain on the day of the festival, you can keep your tootsies dry and mud-free with a pair of starry high top sneakers.

11. The Gladiator Sandals

Boutique Lena Knee High Beaded Suede Gladiator, $36, Boohoo

Well it wouldn't be a proper festival without a pair of gladiator sandals now, would it?

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to festival footwear under $20. If you're lucky, your shoes might live on after the festival, but even if they don't, at least your favorite footwear will be safe in your closet at home!

Images: Courtesy Brands