11 Funny 2018 Best Friend Gifts You Can Get Personalized With A Picture Of Their Face

Photo Socks

If the best thing about your relationship with your best friend is the shared sense of humor you two have, you're going to want to get some hilarious gag gifts on your radar for the holiday season, it's fast approaching! That's why I've put together a fast list of funny 2018 gifts that you can get with your best friend's face on them, because what's more personal than a face, and what's more hilarious than the thought of your bestie sipping coffee out of a personalized mug or heading to yoga in a pair of personalized spandex? Spoiler alert: the answer is nothing. There is no bestie gift more worthy of a good laugh.

Just prepare yourself for the comedy that will ensue as your best friend tears open that wrapping paper with the innocent anticipation of a thoughtful holiday gift, only to be confronted with a gift that's far more personal than they could ever anticipate. Comedy aside, the best part of this gift is the fact that it so easily shows your best friend how much you care about them, as they know just how much early planning is involved in ordering a custom gift like this. So while they might not actually be excited about using the gift, they will feel grateful to have a weird friend like you who is thoughtful and generous enough to get ahead of the holiday gift game in this unique way. Wish your bestie a happy holidays in your own language, here are the best custom gifts on the internet:

A Puzzle

Custom Puzzle


Vista Print

A puzzle is a puzzle! If you want to surprise your bestie, shake up the pieces and hide the cover of the box so that the picture will reveal its slow more slowly.


Custom Face Socks


My Photo Socks

The best thing about getting someone a pair of gag socks is that you know when laundry day comes, they're actually going to wear them. They might not even keep them in their sock drawer because they will be so opposed to actually wearing them at first, but trust that a day will come that they get worn.


Face Legggings



Honestly, you can never have enough pairs of leggings so there's a pretty good change your friend will wear these — they're hilarious!

A Spooky Doll

Soft Sculpture Doll



I mean, this doll is incredibly creepy, but who doesn't want a look-alike doll of themselves to keep on a shelf?

A Space Shirt

Custom Galaxy Face T-Shirt



Depending on how this shirt is styled it might actually look somewhat awesome. I mean, still ridiculous, but also kind of cool.

A Paper Doll

Custom Family Doll



This gag gift is actually kind of fun! Make your bestie her own personalized paper doll that she can dress up, or at the very least, put on her refrigerator.

Personalized Cookies

Personalized Cookie



Um is there anything more amazing than having your own large patch of personalized cookies? Me thinks not.

An iPad Case

iPad Pro Case



What better way to protect your iPad than with a personalized case that has a picture of your face? Duh!


Photo Blanket


Canvas Discount

Who doesn't want to snuggle up to a blanket that's got their own face on it? If you want to make it a little less of a gag, you could of course also opt to get a picture of the two of you printed on the blanket.

A Mug

Personalized Mug


Vista Print

While this is definitely very much a gag gift, it's a totally usable gift that your bestie will not only laugh at, but will also totally enjoy.

A Candle

Personalized Candle



Personally, I'd be pretty tickled to see a candle with my own face on it. If your bestie is a candle collector, this gag gift is a must have.