11 Funny Halloween Costumes For Your Dog That It Won’t Hate Wearing


One of the best things about having a dog is being able to dress it up for Halloween, sorry not sorry. Disclaimer: my dog ~likes~ wearing clothes, because he has a thin coat and it keeps it him warm during the cooler months. For those of you who also have dogs who appreciate an excuse to get dressed up, or at least like the attention of getting fitted into a costume, you'll love these funny dog Halloween costumes, because getting a good laugh out of your neighbors is well worth the efforts involved. Just be sure to watch your dog's body language if you do decide to dress it up — make sure he or she doesn't seem uncomfortable in any costume you happen to put on them.

From sushi dogs to mail delivery dogs, there are so many creative costumes on the internet, upon my research my mind was literally blown. The dog costume Halloween market is lit and you'll have no trouble finding the perfect costume for your dog's personality. Here I've selected a few of my favorites, all of which are under $30 and super easy to assemble. Just keep in mind that if Halloween turns out to be a mild-weathered night, you might want to rethink a thick costume. The last thing you want is let your dog get overheated or stressed out. If you want to play it safe, dress your dog up for a few photos and then take the costume off! Win/win!

A Werewolf


Frisco Werewolf Dog Costume, $15, Chewy

Any costume that makes your dog look like he's standing up is a win for me. These look so ridiculous and silly, they're bound to make a few people laugh.

A Tarantula


Frisco Tarantula Spider Dog Costume , $13, Chewy

From far away, your dog will look like a giant spider. As he scampers across the floor, the legs will wiggle around as if they're moving too, it's definitely a sight to see.

A UPS Delivery Driver


UPS Delivery Driver Dog Costume, $12.50, Chewy

Let's change the relationship between dogs and delivery people, who says they can't respect each other?

A Lion


TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane, $14, Amazon

I'm most impressed by how realistic this costume looks. If you've got a tan and furry pup, this is the perfect disguise. Not very ferocious, but very lion-like!

A Hot Dog


Casual Canine Hot Diggity Dog Costume, $27, Amazon

If you have a dachshund, you have to get this costume. I mean, is there anything more perfect for a little weiner dog?

An Iced Coffee


Rubie's Costume Company Iced Coffee Pup, $9, Chewy

If you'll all about that Frapp life, this is the perfect costume for your pup. Your dog won't know how ridiculous he looks, but at least he'll be warm!

A Musician


NACOCO Pet Guitar Costume Dog Costumes, $18, Amazon

If you want to win Instagram on Halloween, dress your dog up as an indie musician. Boom.

A Piece Of Sushi


Rubie's Costume Company Sushi Dog, $16, Chewy

Two of my favorite things in life are my dog and sushi, so for me, this costume is a real home run.

Paddington Bear


Paddington Bear Dog Inspired Costume, $28, Etsy

If you're a fan of Paddington Bear, you know just how accurate and cute this costume is.

Dog Rider


PetEdge Dealer Show Jockey Saddle Costume, $15, Jax Mercantile Co.

This costume is so simple yet so funny.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Costume Craze

Raphael Dog Costume, $24, Costume Craze

This costume is surprisingly convincing, and if it's a cold night it will be perfect for trick or treating.