How To Dress Your Dog Up As A 'Game Of Thrones' Character For Halloween

by Kaitlyn Wylde

I mean, you know you were wondering. The whole time you were watching Season 7, you were trying to figure out which character you from Game of Thrones you should dress up as for Halloween — and which character your dog should dress up as. Because, while you know winter is coming for the both of you, you're more keen on the idea of being your own characters. And dressing up with your friends is great, but pairing up with your dog is way better because a) your dog will look adorable, and b) it's pretty much the best bestie you have. You two are just repping the Game of Thrones cast in totally different ways. Plus, you don't have to fight over who is who. You're the pack leader, it's your choice!

That said, depending on the size and shape of your pup, they might be a better candidate for certain costumes than you. I mean, I know personally that my pup will make a much better dragon than I ever will. Despite my fiery temper, my dog's just got the shape for a dragon costume. It's his destiny. So here are some GoT costume options you might want to consider for your pup. Remember, these are just some creative ideas that you can put together with pieces from various stores, most of which offer online ordering, making Halloween for you and your pup a piece of cake.

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Blonde Pet Wig, $8, Walmart | Dragon Stuffed Animal, $12, Walmart | Rosettes Tutu Party Dress, $14, Amazon

As the Queen of Dragons, Daenerys is one bad ass, well-dressed warrior. She takes the term "slaying" to the next level. Your pup will need a blue dress, a icy blonde wig, and a dragon toy.

Jon Snow


Faux Fur Robe, $11, Amazon | Booties, $11, Amazon | Funny Pet Wig, $4, TVC Mall

With a fluffy messy of dark curls, everyone will know who your dog is dressed up as. Add some boots and a thick black coat, and not only will your pup be warm and protected, but he'll be totally Jon Snow.



Doggie Dragon Costume, $10, Target | Stuffed Animal Dragon, $13, Amazon

If you're going for easy, cute, and comfortable, with a pop culture twist, this is the costume for your pup. All you'll need is a dragon costume and a few dragon pet toys. You can either attach them to the costume or allow your pup to carry them around all night!

Khal Drogo


Pet Pony Tail, $13, Etsy | Black Leash, $30, For Dog Trainers

The intense warrior costume will look plain adorable on your pup. And because putting eyeliner on your dog isn't OK at all, this costume might be best for dogs who have dark coloring around their eyes! You'll just need an epic pony tail, and some leather leashes.

Cersei Lannister


Red Coat, $82, Bibaloo | Rhinestone Dog Crown, $8, Amazon | Faux Fur Scarf, $15, Amazon

Cersei might be a bit icy, but damn, she's got a great look. Perfect for the pup with a sassy attitude, this costume requites a red coat, a faux fur neck warmer, a crown, and a nasty bark.

Sansa Stark


Red Hot Pet Wig, $9, Amazon | Wool Fur-Trimmed Coat, $48, Posh Puppy Boutique | Plush Wolf, $6, Stuffed Safari

This chick is fierce and badass, and in Season 7, she had some epic scenes. All your pup needs for this costume is a chic black coat, some fur, and a wolf toy.



Adult Wolf Mask, $6, Buy Costumes | Big Bad Wolf Costume, $12, Entirely Pets

I mean, this is a given right? Let your dog dress up as the Direwolf spirit it has inside. While you're at it, you might want to get yourself a mask too — every wolf needs its pack.

White Walker


Skeleton Wing Harness, $11, Amazon | Halloween Props 2pc Hand Set, $9, New Chic

Make everyone's White Walker nightmares come true by dressing up your cute pup as a zombie dog. All you'll need is a skeletal costume and a rubber hand dog toy for you pup to carry around.

Tyrion Lannister


Tweed Coat, $39, Urban Pup | Pet Booties, $5, New Chic | Wine Plush Dog Toy, $16, Amazon

Tyrion always has a great, buckled coat. Which is perfect, because it's an excuse to get your pup a new chic fall coat. He's always drinking, so make sure you bring a toy wine cup.

Tormund Giantsbane


Fake Snow, $10, Macy's | Lion Mane, $20, Amazon | Pet Booties, $5, New Chic | Black Fur Dog Coat, $13, Amazon

Tormund is massive, hairy, and seems to be always covered with snow. This is a great combination of attributes that can be easily applicable to a dog! You'll need a furry dark coat, a mess of orange hair, some safe fake snow, and boots.

Tommen Baratheon


Cape Costume, $12, Chewy | Booties $5, New Chic | Pet Wig, $17, Etsy | Gold Crown, $12, Etsy

While Tommen might not have made it past the sixth season, it doesn't mean we can't bring him back for Halloween. You'll need a caped costume (you can improvise here with Batman or Star Wars, easily), some boots, an epic crown and a blond pet wig that you'll likely have to cut.