11 Father’s Day Memes That Are Genuinely Hilarious

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Father's Day is almost here — comin' in hot on Jun. 17, 2018 — and you know what that means: it's time to round up some funny Father's Day 2018 memes. There's no better way to celebrate your father than by enjoying some funny internet mixed media creations that best depict the experience of celebrating the holiday and having a dad in general. OK, fine, I guess you should also put some energy into finding your dad a great gift or at least writing him a sentimental card, but let's not lose sight of the shared cultural experience of Father's Day — which is always best expressed with memes.

It's likely that even your dad is aware of memes. Maybe he even sends you ones that he thinks are funny. Maybe he awkwardly inserts them into text messages in a sweet attempt to relate to you. But whether you share Father's Day memes with your dad, or simply save them for your own private social media feeds, you're going to want to have a few to choose from. Especially if you're over the trend of posting hunky vintage photos of your dad on Father's Day, you'll want a hilarious meme to bring in the likes. Here, I've rounded up a few of my favorite dad-themed memes for your viewing pleasure. Share them on social, text them to your dad or just enjoy a good ol' LOL with the internet.

Show Your Dad Just How Much You Love Him

The best way to show your dad you love him is surely by writing him a message he can keep forever, or pay thousands of dollars to erase!

OK Fair Point

On Mother's Day, we take our moms out to fancy brunches. On Father's Day, we make our dads cook giant BBQs...why?


Let's take a moment to appreciate how much mowing goes into turning a perfectly white pair of New Balances lime green.

All Of Us: Same

Oh how our father's instill fear in us, even when we think we're not listening.

TBH, This Is Still All Of Us

Every time we go visit our parents, we forget we know how to make food for ourselves, or do anything without help.

Wow, Reality!

I guess some of us really do have the same things to be thankful for.

Frame It. Make It A Gift.

I never actually do find the remotes that my dad loses, but I imagine I'd feel like a hero if I did. But more importantly, why can't dads keep track of remotes? And why do dads have SO MANY remotes?

Stay Up To Date, Dad!

Literally. Every. Single. Pop song. "Is this Rihanna?". #watchesthevoiceonce

But Like, Same

We have all been "the family dog" at one point.

I Guess You're To Blame

If how you turn out is your dad's responsibility, then he'll be more likely to consider that you've turned out awesome, rather than a disappointment. Psychological loophole!

Our Dad's Had It Easy

Our dads had it so easy, all they had to do was plop us down with a toy or in the yard and we'd play make believe for hours. Kids these days need iPads by the time they're three or they're bored.