12 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas You Can Have Delivered Overnight

If Only

You definitely didn't forget Father's Day. You knew it was going to be on Jun. 17 in 2018 — and what's more, you knew exactly what you wanted to get your dad. But you just found out that the amazing, heartfelt, and thoughtful thing you were originally going to get your dad isn't available anymore. So now you're trying to come up with some last-minute unique Father's Day gift ideas that you can get with overnight shipping. And you're totally scrambling because even though you're not starting from scratch, it sure feels like you are.

Again, not because you're a last-minute kind of kid, really — it's just because your original (amazing) plan for your dad fell through. And you're in luck! I too know what it's like to be an incredibly thoughtful and prepared person who always gets impressive gifts for people ahead of time, only to be subjected to unfair circumstances that the universe throws my way which tend to make me look like I forgot birthdays or holidays, when of course I didn't. So here I've put together a list of some awesome gifts you can get your dad that offer overnight shipping so that you don't look like you forgot Father's Day. Again.

A Fitness Tracker

A Key Finder

A Kitchen Gadget

A Good Book

A Smart Home Device

Fancy Whiskey Kit

A Grooming Kit

A Burger Press

Fancy Cheese Board

An Epic Coffee Cup

A Cute Plant

An Amazing Experience