11 Hilarious Memes To Share With Your BFFs On National Girlfriends Day

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Aug. 1 is National Girlfriends Day, the holiday solely dedicated to celebrating the bond and art of female friendships. Basically, it's time to rally the troupes and finally nail down a date for that bestie brunch or dinner party you've been putting off because coordination is rough in the summer months. And at the very least, you're going to want to share some funny National Girlfriends Day memes, because let's be honest, our friendships are solidified these days by who we send the most memes to. So go ahead, spoil your friends with all the memes they deserve.

Internet is life, and friendship is our lifeblood, so instead of tagging your best girlfriends in random memes on Instagram, check out one of these friendship-themed memes that I've listed below and send it to your besties directly. Show your bestie that you care about her enough to not just tag her in someone else's meme, but to go through the thoughtful process of finding the perfect meme that speaks to your friendship and sending it directly to her. But don't forget to schedule some face time, too. Memes are a great way to communicate through humor and nostalgia, but Girlfriends Day is about putting the extra effort into your friendships and really showing your friends just how important they are to you.

Life Goals

The real bestie dream is that you'll be able to keep your friendship going throughout your entire lives. Can you imagine what 70 years of friendship looks like?

Real Talk

That's what we're here for. Friends in 2018 speak meme.


If you really think about it, it's a little weird, and totally charming! It's all based on instinct.

Honestly...It's Not, Not True

I mean, if there's wine, there's going to be a good time. So definitely don't stress too much about cleaning your house for your friends, so long as you have a nice bottle of wine, of course.

Do You Remember Me?

When you're at a party with your best friend, who is your favorite human, watching someone else realize how special she is, and you're like, "what about us?"

Chill Zone

Personally, I think this is peak friendship. This takes comfortable silence to the next level.

The Best Worst

When you and your bestie hype each other up in the worst ways, but wouldn't have it any other way.

We Know This

It's tried and tested and true. Nothing feels better than a tag in a very relevant meme.

When You Become Animals

Cheers to the girlfriends who support each other no matter how gross or wild they get.

Don't Care

TFW you're with your best friends and you feel invisible and don't care how anyone else sees you.

When Opposites Attract

You and your bestie might be nothing a like, but still somehow manage to have everything in common.