11 Funny Pride Sign Ideas That Everyone Will Want To Instagram Immediately

Burak Kara/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The entire month of June is Pride Month, a full 30 days celebrating and recognizing the LGBTQ community, and to promote their civil equality in a society that has long denied it to them. June was chosen as Pride Month to commemorate the Stonewall Riots, when, early in the morning on June 28th, 1969, policing raided the West Village gay bar the Stonewall Inn, prompting a riot and an ensuing civil rights movement focusing on LGBTQ equality. In June 1970, New York City held the first ever Gay Pride Parade, and over the last five decades, similar parades have been held all over the world in celebration of LGBTQ pride.

If you came here specifically looking for funny Pride sign ideas for 2018 that also make an impact, you're in the right place; the first best thing about Pride Parades are the floats, the dancers, and the outfits, because duh. But the second best thing about Pride Parades are the signs, which often feature political messages calling for LGBTQ equality. Often, these signs are both hysterical and pointed, so you're both wildly entertained and gearing up to physically fight the next person who tries to stick a Prop. 8 on a ballot, as one should.

Here is a round up of a few of the funniest past Pride signs — at parades, at the Equality marches that have started sprouting up across the country post-Trump, and wherever else a Pride moment may spring out of the air — should you require inspiration for your own at a local Pride march this month. Note that bright colors, elaborate drawings, and glitter pens are always acceptable, though not technically mandatory.


"The Gay Agenda"

Friday and Saturday are days to be super gay. Duh, Sunday is for being brunch gay. Tuesdays are for tacos.


Princess Leia Fights For The Gay Resistance

The best Pride signs are, obviously, the ones accompanied by on fleek costumes. Bonus points for any and all Star Wars references.


Pride Dogs

Sure, it's not technically a sign, but it's a cute dog wearing a Pride flag, and isn't that the best/most adorable Pride sign of all? LOOK HOW HAPPY THE DOG IS.


"What's Your Queery?"

T-shirts are basically wearable signs, and the Los Angeles Public Library's pride shirts are an absolute treasure.


"Mike Pence Blocked Me On Grindr"

To be honest, I like all of these, but "Mike Pence Blocked me on Grindr" and "Being Straight was my Phase" are the best.


"My Mom Is Seeking A Husband for Me, Anyone?"

Please find a nice man for this lovely Pride marcher in India, thank you very much in advance.


"Super, Callous, Fragile, Sexist, Not My President"

I'd like to think that Mary Poppins would be very, very proud of this particular sign.


"My Arms are Tired of Holding This Sign Since the 1960s"

Both this and "Bisexuals are just confused by your ignorance" really do it for me, to be honest.


"If Hillary Was President We'd All Be at Brunch Right Now"

Granted, protesting and Pride marching are probably more important than munching on weekend Eggs Benedict with or without the Trump administration, but the sentiment certainly stands.


"Trump: Sashay Away"

If Ru Paul were in charge, the last two years would have been a heck of a lot smoother (and fiercer).


"Capitalism Will Kill Us All, Gender Is Fake"

Though I probably didn't need a sign to tell me it was okay to eat Hot Fries for lunch, I'm certainly glad it happened.

Happy Pride, and remember to support LGBTQ rights in the month of June, and every other month! Here are a few organizations that need your support.