11 Funny Texts To Send Your BFFs On National Best Friends Day

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I take vows of friendship very seriously. As someone who has gone through numerous bouts of insecurity and anxiety, I have always heavily relied on the strength of my friendships to put me back together once i've fallen apart. I truly believe that I would risk everything on order to protect my closest friends, and I am so incredibly grateful for their patience, honesty, and unconditional support. So much so, that if the text messages I send out on National Best Friends Day 2018 don't make each one of my best friends crack up and snort milk out of their noses, I'll consider myself a bad friend.

In order to compile a list of the funniest friendship quotes of all time, I turned to the very best TV shows of our generation. While doing my research, I became truly overwhelmed by how moving on screen best friendships can be. From Blair and Serena, to Ann and Leslie, there's a dynamic duo that resonates with every audience member out there.

So this National Best Friends Day 2018, surprise your BFF with more than just a celebratory Instagram post — make it personal by sending a more meaningful, intimate text. Or, you know, a hilarious Michael Scott quote.


If I Had To Pee On You, I Would

Courtesy of Iman Hariri-Kia

This killer NBFD text idea is derived from the one and only Joey Tribbiani from Friends, who infamously peed on Monica's leg after she was stung by a jellyfish at the beach. Use this quote to let your BFF know that give the right circumstances, you would gladly tinkle on her too.


Men, Babies, It Doesn’t Matter…We’re Soulmates

Courtesy of Iman Hariri-Kia

Who says "The One" has to be a romantic partner? This NBFD, remind your best friend that through the ups and downs, no matter what happens in the future, that they're your true soulmate — Just as Samantha Jones once did on Sex And The City.


Hoes Before Bros! Ovaries Before Brovaries! Uteruses Before Duderuses!

Courtesy of Iman Hariri-Kia

This is essentially the feminist anthem of Galentine's Day, the world's greatest Holiday created by the one and only Leslie Knope, star of Parks & Recreation. Not only does it contain not one, not two, but three rhymes and puns — it also celebrates the intersection between friendship and feminism! Win- win!


Sorry I Annoy You With My Friendship

Courtesy of Iman Hariri-Kia

This reference to Andy Bernard from The Office is not only a timeless classic, but relatable AF. This message has serious subtext — it apologizes for everything from making your best friend choose one of 10 perfect Instagram captions, to calling her at 3 a.m. to dissect the weird and creepy dream you just had. Sorry I'm annoying, but thank you for loving me anyway!


You’re Like, The Only Person Who’s Ever Gotten What I’m About

Courtesy of Iman Hariri-Kia

This particular winner is a direct quote from Nick Andopolis, an early role by Jason Segal in the cult classic Freaks & Geeks. This text message is essentially a funny way of saying: you're the only person who accepts and understands me for 100 percent who I truly I am — thank you for standing by me, no matter what. No, I'm not crying! You're crying!


You’re My Best Friend Because We Both Know What It’s Like To Have People Be Jealous Of Us

Courtesy of Iman Hariri-Kia

This play on a timeless Clueless quote may not be a TV reference, but if Cher Horowitz's relationship with BFF Dionne is emblematic of true friendship love, then I don't know is. Let your best friend know how fabulous you two are when you're together — so much so that everyone around you is seething with envy. Hey, friendships like yours are hard to come by!


I’m Always So Happy To See You, I Could Murder You

Courtesy of Iman Hariri-Kia

These cute but slightly creepy words were once uttered by Shoshanna from Girls, right after she accidentally partook in smoking some crack. So yes — it'll probably be necessary, or at least helpful, for your best friend to be a fan in order to get the reference. But as someone who used to get together with my High School BFFs to watch Girls every Sunday night, I definitely wouldn't hesitate before sending this text.


You Are My Best Friend! Don't You Ever Call Anybody Else That!

Courtesy of Iman Hariri-Kia

Ugh, has there ever been a friendship as magical as Broad City's Abbi and Illana? I honestly do not think so. Granted, Illana is openly obsessed with Abbi, and the two are admittedly co-dependent AF, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't give everything to spend a day getting lost in NYC with them. Send this to your Bestest Friend on NBFD to remind them that you're the only one you'll ever have, or need.


I’m So Jealous Of You! I’ve Got To Get Some Dumb, Ugly Friends

Courtesy of Iman Hariri-Kia

Are you constantly ogling, in complete awe of how amazing and accomplished your BFF is? Just like Lane did to Rory, in Gilmore Girls? If your answer to the above was yes, this is the perfect text message for you — just make sure your best friend knows you're being sarcastic, and doesn't think you're trying to ditch her on a holy day. That would be despicable Best Friend behavior!


We're The Non-Judging Breakfast Club

Courtesy of Iman Hariri-Kia

This super sweet quote is ironically from Gossip Girl, and was stated by Queen Bee, Blair Waldorf. Sure, the context came at a time when she was concerned about Serena's drug use/possible murder of peer — but who cares! Make it your own by texting it your BFF as your way of telling her you're here for better or for worse: judgement free.


If You’re Not Here In 15 Mins, You Can Find Yourself A New Best Friend

Courtesy of Iman Hariri-Kia

A quote from one of the greatest movies of all time: Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Thank your best friend for always being around to pick you up when you're down — and then immediately put that friendship to test by telling them to get their butt over to your house ASAP.

You know what they say: friendships are the best ships! But you know what's even better than a friend ship? A love boat! This National Best Friend's Day, celebrate the love boat that keeps you afloat.