11 Grooming Gifts To Give Your Boyfriend — And Then Steal For Yourself (Shhh!)

by Alexa Tucker

Let's face it: Guys can be incredibly difficult to shop for during the holidays. Which can be frustrating, considering you might have trouble deciding between several perfect gifts for your bestie or your mom (in fact, they might be the same things that are on your own wish list). Finding a gift for your boyfriend, though? Another story.

If you're stuck on a present for your S.O., don't panic. Consider snagging him a grooming gift — for more reasons than one. Truth be told, this isn't an entirely altruistic idea. The great thing about guys' grooming products is that often, they double as great beauty finds for women, too.

Yes, yes, a thick shaving cream or multi-step skin care regimen will still be mostly for him, but also sort of for you. After all, moisturizers and scrubs don't have to be gendered — with effective ingredients and luxe textures, great skin care is for everyone.

So if you sneak a little bit of his gift here and there, he never has to know your ulterior motive. (Again, though, still mainly for him — remember, it's the season of generosity.)

These 11 grooming products and tools are the gifts that keep on giving, for him and for you. Shhh.

1. The Art Of Shaving Peppermint Essential Oil Shaving Cream

The Art Of Shaving Peppermint Essential Oil Shaving Cream, $27, Nordstrom

This thick, festive shaving cream is a seasonal favorite that you'll both keep loving long after the holidays are over.

2. PLANT Travel Body Wash Gift Set

PLANT Travel Body Wash Gift Set, $35, Birchbox

There's a body wash for every mood in this set: Wake Up, Get It On, Get Happy, Calm Down, and Be Well.

3. Bulldog Original Face Scrub

Bulldog Original Face Scrub, $8, ASOS

This budget-friendly product is as manly as face scrubs get — but that doesn't mean you won't love it, too.

4. Harry's The Winter Winston Razor

Harry's The Winter Winston Razor, $25, Harry's

This sleek silver razor has a touch of teal for a mature-meets-youthful statement.

5. Panacea Skincare The Aegis Kit

Panacea Skincare The Aegis Kit, $92, Panacea Skincare

This K-beauty skin care brand's three-step set includes a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen (although each can be bought individually, too). The line's designed to be gender neutral, so you both can love it equally.

6. Dr. Bronner Organic Shaving Soap

Dr. Bronner's Organic Shaving Soap in Lemongrass Lime, $9, Vitamin Shoppe

This smooth gel cleanses as it protects and softens skin for shaving. Plus, the modern apothecary design looks cool on any countertop.

7. Marvis Travel With Flavor Toothpaste Gift Set

Marvis Travel With Flavor Toothpaste Gift Set, $15, Urban Outfitters

These adorable retro toothpastes put your average drugstore brand to shame. Including Classic Strong Mint, Cinnamon Mint, and Whitening Mint, the mini travel trio is packaged in the perfect gift box.

8. Jack Black Beard Oil

Jack Black Beard Oil, $24, Dermstore

While beard oil is great for it's intended use (y'know, beards), women across the internet swear by it to soften pubic hair, too — they're actually similar in texture, according to experts. Or, try it on the ends of your regular hair, or on the tips of your eyebrows.



This K-beauty set for guys includes a cleanser and a moisturizer for one super streamlined (but super effective) skin care routine you can share.

10. Rugged & Dapper Detoxifying Mineral Clay Facial Treatment Mask

Rugged & Dapper Detoxifying Mineral Clay Facial Treatment Mask, $22, Rugged & Dapper

The couple that masks together stays together.

11. Tom Ford Hydrating Lip Balm

Tom Ford Hydrating Lip Balm, $25, Macy's

This Tom Ford product is as swanky as lip balm gets.