11 Harry Potter Characters Every Fan Wanted To See More Of In The Books

by Charlotte Ahlin
Warner Bros.

If you grew up with Harry Potter, chances are that you can name all of the major and minor characters in your sleep. You know your Moaning Myrtles from your Grey Ladies. You love re-reading the books, and getting some sweet hang time with Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the gang. But since the books are more or less narrated from Harry's perspective (and Harry is about as observant as a brick wall), there are a lot of interesting characters who only get walk-on roles. I mean, what was up with the other Gryffindors when Harry was out saving the world? Why does no one talk about the fact that Tonks and Draco are first cousins? Were Seamus and Dean hooking up that whole time? Here are a few Harry Potter characters that we all wanted more of.

What with Pottermore and Cursed Child and about a million more Fantastic Beasts movies in the works, it seems like we should be at capacity for extra info on the Potterverse. But as much fun as it is to watch awkward Newt Scamander scamandering around, or to see grown up Harry being a sub-par father, what we really want is more of our minor faves from the original books:


Nymphadora Tonks

MORE TONKS. She's clumsy, funny, and creative with her hair choices. Sure, she wasn't exactly a walk-on role, but we definitely didn't get enough of her. I mean? We got so little of her romance with Lupin that it felt like she was tricking him into marrying her against his will? I would like a detective-style TV show following the adventures of cool punk Auror Nymphadora Tonks, and her will-they-won't-they relationship with the ruggedly handsome Remus Lupin.


Dean Thomas

Rowling has shared Dean's backstory with the fans, but almost none of that made it into the books. There was all this stuff about his father being a secret wizard, and being murdered by Death Eaters, and his muggle mother never finding out, and Dean's quest for self discovery...and all of it was cut. Anyway, Dean's a talented artist, he dated Ginny, he's definitely hooking up with Seamus, and we didn't get enough of him.


Regulus Black

C'mon, Jo! A whole subplot about a Death Eater betraying Lord Voldemort and we get almost none of it? It would have been fun to get just a teensy bit more info on one of the most pivotal plot points in the entire book. No pensieve flashback to Regulus at Hogwarts? No drama where Regulus used to date a Weasley cousin or anything? Really?


Lee Jordan

Lee Jordan was just a ton of fun. He was Fred and George's best friend, he had the best quidditch commentary and...that's kind of all we know about him. But he was hilarious and we wanted more! Did he go on to replace Ludo Bagman after the war was over? I'm going to privately believe that he did, and that he's commentating at the World Cup right now.


Charlie Weasley

The most enigmatic Weasley, by far. Where was Charlie? What's his deal? Why is he seemingly the only wizard in the universe who never got married? (I'm not saying that everyone has to get married all the time, just that Rowling seems to love marrying her characters to each other.) We got to know Bill a bit in the later books, but we still know very little about the second oldest Weasley brother, except that he's good with dragons.


Andromeda Tonks

Tonks' mom didn't get to play much of an active role in the books, even though she had one of the most interesting stories. She's the sister of Bellatrix and Narcissa, but she was kicked off the family tree for marrying the muggle-born Ted Tonks. We never even got to see all three sisters in the room together! We didn't get a screaming match over the dinner table! More family drama, please?


Helena Ravenclaw

The Grey Lady, or the ghost of Helena Ravenclaw, did get her turn in the spotlight in the seventh book. But it would have been fun to get just a few more hints about her tragic backstory and her connection to Voldy before she swooped in for an exposition dump and then went drifting off again. Also, now I need to know the Fat Friar's sob story, too, because it seems like all the Hogwarts ghosts have one.


Angelina Johnson

Why so little Angelina? She was the one who called out Oliver Wood for being sexist all the time, ended up as captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, and married George Weasley after the war was won (even though she went to wizard prom with Fred). She was funny and fierce and not in the books enough. Surely she and Ginny would have been cool Quidditch friends or something?


Viktor Krum

We got lots more Fleur in the later books, but only the tiniest bit of Viktor (and even then, he rolled up to drop some exposition and be sad about Hermione). It would have been fun to get some more Krum in, did he get attacked by Death Eaters at Bill and Fleur's wedding and then just...go home to Bulgaria? I feel like you could have been more of a help in book seven, Vick.


The Marauders

No offense to the Golden Trio, but... it sounds like the Marauders had way more fun in high school. And all we get is that freaking awesome map, a few cool stories, and one measly flashback of Harry's dad being a big jerk. Where is our fun teen rom-com about the Marauders turning into animals, getting in McGonagall's hair, and having a wild spring break? Where? That's all we want, Jo!


Mr. and Mrs. Granger

OK, honestly this one is less out of a sense of "that character was so fun!" and more out of a sense of morbid curiosity. Really, Granger parents? You're 100% cool with your daughter going to witch school in Scotland and basically never seeing you again? That does not seem like the behavior of ordinary dentists. Like, Hermione is frequently with Harry and Ron for the holidays. Did she ever even go get her parents back from Australia? Did they forgive her for wiping their memories? Do they know that she's the Minister of Magic now? I need more of the Granger parents because I need answers.