11 Magical Wedding Gifts For The Harry Potter-Obsessed Couple In Your Life


Love is the beating heart of the Harry Potter series. As the generation that grew up with The Boy Who Lived ventures forth into adulthood, it’s only natural that Harry Potter is becoming a huge part of our weddings. (I mean, you and I and everyone we know has seen at least one phenomenal Harry Potter-themed wedding.) But if your friend isn't going full Potter, you can at least get them a Harry Potter wedding gift.

These days, it seems like it’s always wedding season. I’ll bet you’ve got at least one wedding coming up, maybe even your own. And while weddings are enormously fun to attend, there’s always one big challenge: the gift.

So, what do you get the couple who loves Harry Potter almost as much as they love each other? Fortunately for you, there are tons of great Harry Potter-themed home goods that will make amazing wedding gifts for any Potterhead newlyweds. Giving them a gift that’s infused with the spirit of the wizarding world will be a marvelous and magical personal touch. As they start their new life together, with plenty of adventures ahead, they’ll be glad to have a little piece of the series with them:

Harry Potter Hogwarts House 16-Piece Dinner Set

Harry Potter Hogwarts 16-Piece Dinner Set, $100, Think Geek

Dishes are a classic wedding gift, and this gorgeous Hogwarts-embossed set is perfect for any Potter-loving household.

A Harry Potter Cutting Board, Engraved With Their Names

Customized Harry Potter Cutting Board, $17, Etsy

This beautiful cutting board will make a beautiful addition to any new married couple's kitchen. Perfect for potions-making and dinner alike!

Matching Harry Potter Aprons

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Adult Apron, $40, Williams Sonoma

Speaking of kitchens, what could be better than Hogwarts aprons? Get two — one for each partner and customized with their Hogwarts house.

Harry Potter Whiskey Decanter

Harry Potter Whiskey Decanter, $20+, Etsy

This classy whiskey decanter bears the Hogwarts crest. A worthy addition to any couple's potion set... um, I mean bar.

Alohomora Key Holder

Alohomora Spell Key Rack Holder Sign, $44, Etsy

Only true Potterheads will understand the reference.

Harry Potter Tea Set

Harry Potter Blue and Gold New Bone China Tea Set, $150, Think Geek

Perfect for tea, coffee, or Butterbeer.

A Clock Like The One The Weasleys Have

Eta Clock Mini, $250, Eta Clock

We're all jealous of Mrs. Weasley's clock, and now it's brought to life! Connect this clock to your smart phone, and it will tell you where each of your family members are at all times. It's a little creepy, but mostly really, really cool.

'Always' Art Print

Always by Rose's Creation, $17, Society 6

This is a special gift that celebrates the enduring power of love.

Hogwarts Throw Blanket

Harry Potter, Hogwarts Décor Woven Tapestry Throw Blanket, $26, Amazon

This throw will make any room as cozy as the Hogwarts common room.

Harry Potter Wine Charms

Harry Potter Inspired Wine Charms, $18, Etsy

These lovely wine charms are the perfect accessory for the newlywed's first dinner party.

'Always' Champagne Flutes

After All This Time? (Always) Champagne Flutes, $19, Etsy

Your newlyweds will be able to toast in style with these Potter-inspired champagne flutes.