11 Hilarious Responses To Men Who Don't Think They Should Have To Pay For Maternity Care

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In the nearly 250-year history of the United States, a lot of ridiculous stuff has happened in the hallowed halls of Congress. In 1856, one senator caned one of his colleagues for daring to oppose slavery. In 1956, another senator relieved himself in a bucket to maintain his filibuster against the Civil Rights Act. And right up there with the best of them, in 2017, a majority-male caucus tried to take away health care from women. Thankfully, the internet allowed for some epic drags on the proposal, which should not be missed. Here are 11 hilarious responses to the idea that men shouldn't pay for maternity care.

The historical comparisons feel particularly apropos because the Republican attitude toward maternity care seems so backwards. There are dozens of reasons why men should pay for maternity care, the most pertinent of which is that men have a vested interest in making sure the babies born in this country are healthy and well cared for. In the immortal words of High School Musical, "We're all in this together," so it shouldn't be optional to support the people who choose to bring life into the world. These responses bash the selfish idea that men have no responsibility for maternity care on every level, so it's a good thing these people were born to give the world these comedic gems.

Men, Born? Never

Apparently Logic And Republicans Don't Mix

Indeed, Lol GOP

Seriously, Though, They're Going To Let THIS Kill The Bill

What An Unusual Sight!!

Yup, And They've Always Taken Care Of Us So Well!

FREEDOM!!* *For White Men Only*

You'd Think This Concept Wouldn't Be That Hard To Grasp, And Yet...

No Man Has Ever Been Involved In A Pregnancy Ever

Tell 'Em, Queen E

If Only The GOP Had That Much Logical Consistency

Though the AHCA is teetering on the brink of failure, the persistence of the Republican resistance to funding maternity care shows that the fight won't be over for a while. It requires a deep, societal attitude shift on health care, and believe it or not, posts like these actually help by highlighting inequities in hilarious ways. So keep tweeting and sharing your views, because dialogue is the best way to change hearts and minds.