11 Iconic 'RHONY' Berkshires Fights Because The "Fish Room" Isn't Even That Bad

by Marenah Dobin
Dave Kotinsky/Bravo

It's great to see the Real Housewives of New York cast living it up in the Big Apple, but there's just something special about the annual Berkshires trip. The Berkshires brings out the worst in the women, which results in the best and most memorable episodes for the viewers. There have been almost too many iconic Berkshires fights on Real Housewives of New York to count, which is why, you know, we should take a look back and see how bad they really were. Going on a forced long weekend with friends is always stressful, even in the best of times, which is why the Berkshires trips tend to be so epic — no one wants to be there, but, there they are.

Most recently, the ladies were up in arms about who got "stuck" sleeping in the fish room at Dorinda Medley's home. Really? How bad can it be to sleep in your own room at a mansion in the Berkshires? Does it really matter what's on the walls? Apparently, it does.

Before Bethenny Frankel even got to Blue Stone Manor, she called Dorinda ahead of time to make sure she got to sleep in her Dorinda's daughter Hannah Lynch's room. Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, and Tinsley Mortimer, were very vocal about their disdain for the decor. They made sure to nab other rooms before Luann de Lesseps showed up.

Luann upped the "countess schtick" when she arrived in the Berkshires with some luxurious expectations. She requested yoga sessions and a massage therapist as if Blue Stone Manor is a resort and not Dorinda's home. Then, she walked away from the table after Tinsley graciously offered to switch rooms. Seriously, Luann?

Money can't buy you class, but it can buy you a hotel room in the Berkshires, which was Luann's plan until Tinsley finally convinced her to accept the room switch offer. Nevertheless, Lu's was just way over the top, especially considering the recent beef between Luann and Dorinda. She was really pushing it with her diva demands.

However, this wasn't the first dramatic moment in the Berkshires and it certainly won't be the last. And to think, Season 6 Ramona declared, "No one vacations in the Berkshires! No one I know!" And now it's an annual tradition.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane at all the Berkshires moments that got us to this point. Spoiler alert: there is an excessive amount of fur vests, expletives, and Ramona.

Ramona Brings Her Own Air Conditioner — Season 6, Episode 9

Heather Thomson was the first New York Housewife to host a Berkshires trip. When Ramona arrived, she made it clear that she wasn't impressed when she scoffed, "Is this the house or the garage?" She was so unhappy with the home that she ordered and installed an air conditioner in the room she was sleeping in. That is simultaneously rude and impressive.

Ramona Throws Glass At Kristen — Season 6, Episode 9

When Heather and Kristen Taekman wanted to interrupt Sonja and Ramona's gossip sesh in a canoe, they decided to splash some water. Ramona was livid that her freshly blown out hair got ruined and she threw wine (and a wine glass) at Kristen's face, making her lip bleed.

Ramona Gets Her Hair Wet — Season 6, Episode 10

Ramona felt like her wet hair was way worse than Kristen's split lip. She yelled at Kristen, "Who are you to get me wet?" Clearly she didn't realize how funny that was out of context. A usually calm Kristen yelled back, "You have got to calm the f*ck down." As Carole Radziwill pointed out during that same episode, "she's really into her blow dries." She really is.

Ramona Escapes Via Private Jet — Season 6, Episode 10

After claiming that a hike in the Berkshires reminded her of childhood issues with her father, Ramona told the group that she couldn't handle it and had to head home. Instead of going to do that, a friend picked Ramona up via private jet and she went to her favorite vacation destination: the Hamptons.

Of course, the Housewives found out about this thanks to social media. The true victim in this? Sonja. She defended Ramona the entire weekend only to get ditched for a party with central air conditioning.

Bethenny v.s. Heather — Season 7, Episodes 9 & 10

Dorinda invited the cast to the Berkshires to celebrate her birthday. Bethenny wasn't supposed to show up, but she did to surprise the birthday girl. Almost everyone was happy about it.... except for Heather. Even so, she tried her best to be nice to B. She offered her meatballs after she revealed that she was allergic to non-shellfish. However, Bethenny was not having it and they got into a screaming match... over meatballs. Happy Birthday, Dorinda?!

During the next episode, Bethenny insisted that she was upset because she didn't want people to pay attention to her. Then why is she on a reality TV show?

Dorinda Disinvites Sonja- Season 8, Episode 8

Sonja and Bethenny were at odds because Sonja wanted to create her own line of prosecco called Tipsy Girl. Bethenny felt like this was too similar to Skinny Girl and accused Sonja of creating a "cheater brand." Somehow, this morphed into Dorinda disinviting Sonja from the trip to "protect" Sonja from getting hurt. Is that really what she was doing? Or was she just siding with Bethenny? Sonja didn't get over this disinvite... for a couple seasons.

Luann Says She Invented Skinny Girl — Season 8, Episodes 8 & 9

Luann claimed that she is actually the one who came up with the idea for the skinny margarita, you know, the foundation of Bethenny's Skinny Girl fortune. Then, Luann accused Bethenny of copying her hairstyle. This somehow snowballed into Bethenny slut shaming Lu and screaming, "You f*ck everyone" in addition to other accusations.

Dorinda "Makes It Nice" — Season 8, Episode 9

After a screaming match with Bethenny, Luann made fun of the birthday cake that Dorinda's mom baked and decorated for her. This was the final straw for Dorinda. This freakout blessed the fandom with one of Dorinda's most iconic outbursts. She yelled, "I cooked, I decorated, I made it nice!" And no one will ever forget it.

Luann Apologizes For Calling Carole A Pedophile — Season 8, Episode 9

Luann was livid when she found out Carole started dating Adam Kenworthy, Luann's chef, who also dated Luann's niece at some point. Adam is significantly younger than Carole, but he was well past legal age during Season 8. Ramona encouraged Luann to apologize for calling Carole a "pedophile," which Luann (allegedly) didn't even remember doing.

She texted Carole, "Sorry I called you a pedophile, I hope you'll come to my next holiday party." Oh, so casual. This awkwardly worded apology is more memorable than some of the arguments on this show. And it did not put an end to the issues between Luann and Carole.

Ramona Says Bethenny Slept Her Way To The Top — Season 9, Episodes 9 & 10

There was already tension between Bethenny and Ramona that season because Ramona mentioned Bethenny's topless movie scene in an attempt to embarrass her.But Bethenny coined another catchphrase when she yelled, "Mention it all!" She called out Ramona for being a bad friend and then they both insulted each other's business skills.

This led to Ramona's accusation that Bethenny slept with guys to achieve success. Ramona even declared that Bethenny's brand was "done," which everyone knows is far from the truth. Skinny Girl is very much thriving, thank you very much.

Bethenny & Carole — Season 10, Episodes 8 & 9

Dorinda asked Carole and Bethenny about the (very) obvious tension in their relationship. They both mentioned a miscommunication about Carole's then-boyfriend Adam photographing Bethenny's disaster relief efforts. Carole snapped at Bethenny, "Don't call me honey."

It was a fight about everything and nothing, both at the same time. Their relationship went completely downhill from that point forward. This tendsto happen in the Berkshires.

From the standpoint of a viewer, it makes sense for The Real Housewives of New York to film in the Berkshires every year since it always produces premium drama. However, it's hard not to wonder why these women keep going back. Sure, Dorinda is an amazing host, but why do they keep returning for heated arguments every year? Oh, yeah — because she "makes it nice."