11 International Women’s Day Events Around The Country You Can Attend This Year

Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

International Women's Day is globally observed each year on Mar. 8, and is dedicated to raising awareness for the fight for women's rights and the push for gender equality The commemorative day helps to add momentum to the women's right movements that support social, economic, and political initiatives that benefit equality. You'll want to know about the International Women's Day 2018 events in your area so that you can get involved and make the most out of the day.

Of course, apart from International Women's Day, it's important to keep the social activism momentum going on some sort of basis during the rest of the year. In addition to participating in marches and strikes, we all need to rally to make a difference on a day to day basis if we're able. That's why we have International Women's Day reserved as a special day to not only celebrate women, but to also raise awareness that there is still much work to do as far as reaching gender equality. If you're looking for a way to get involved, add your voice to the chorus and help to make a change and get to know the people around you who are fighting the same fight, check out some of the official International Women's Day events.



Be an audience member in this symposium which will feature four inspiring women speaking about the theme of worthiness. Tickets are $20 and you can get register for yours here.



This free event will be hosted in Austin and Houston and will feature a collection of speakers, with opportunities to participate in a Q&A. Network, meet other women, ask questions and learn about how you can help. Register to attend the event here.



Celebrate IWD with live music a dance party, and a 20 percent discount on drinks to represent the pay gap between genders. Register to attend here.

New York


Get together with some like-minded women and and enjoy a panel discussion about being a boss, how to get respect in the workplace and how to support your fellow female co-workers.



Come hang at this networking event for female professionals. Go for the empowerment, and stay for the free bagels. Learn more about the event here.

Denver, Colorado


Register for this event and sit in the audience for a panel discussion on equality in the workplace. You'll hear from a variety of incredible women, and get to have lunch with them after the panel. Register for the event here.

Chicago, Illinois


If you're looking for a more upscale event, you'll love this celebration in Chicago that features a dinner, drinks, and a lot of conversation about women's accomplishments and what's yet to come for women in the workplace. Buy tickets for the event here.

Boston, Massachusetts


This event is purely social. There are no panel discussions or scheduled entertainment, it's just an opportunity for women to connect to with each other, make new friends, make new business connections and discover what causes unite them. Learn more about the event here.



This call to action event will feature multiple panels, entertainment, and donation opportunities for all participants. Get ready for a full day of programming and check out the site for more information here.



This event features panelists from around the world who have come together to talk about the advances and continued challenges for women in the workplace around the world and how that compares to our current situation in America. Learn more about the event here.



If you're looking to do something totally different, enjoy a free yoga class with like-minded women. Get to know your neighbors and the people in your community who are fighting the same fight. Learn more about the event here.