11 Items That Kylie Jenner Needs To Add To Her Kylie Cosmetics Collection

What's next for Kylie Cosmetics? Kylie Jenner's eponymous beauty brand has expanded exponentially since its inception with just three lip kits. Now, it's basically an empire, and it's still growing. But what items should Kylie add to her collection? While the brand will probably keep adding new lippies and eyeshadows, there's a whole bevy of beauty products they've yet to explore.

Since the brand began, Jenner has crafted glosses, metallics, and creme lip formulas. However, she didn't stop at lippies. Currently, Kylie Cosmetics boosts a multitude of eyeshadow palettes, blushes, highlighters (in both pressed and loose formulas), eyeliner, and creme shadows. While the feat is impressive given Kylie Cosmetics short life in comparison to other brands, things are far from over. After all, Kylie Cosmetics has grossed a whopping $420 million, and according to Women's Wear Daily, the brand should see an increase of 25 percent in the next year. Basically, Kylie Cosmetics is making bank and fans can't see to get enough.

Of course, Jenner is cryptic about her plans for future products. Typically, she only begins to tease a new release a week before the official launch, and it seems her reliance on secrecy has served her well. Fans are always wonder what's next for Kylie Cosmetics.

There's no way to know for sure, but that doesn't stop people from making conjectures. These 11 items are ones that Kylie Cosmetics should definitely explore.

1. Foundation

Instagram filter or not, Jenner's skin is always radiant, and more recently, she seems to be exploring multiple finishes. Of course, she'll always be well-known for her classic matte look, but she has definitely rocked a more natural finish as well. With the reality star already working with matte and satin looks, a foundation line would make total sense.

2. Brow Pencil

Let's take a second to appreciate Kylie Jenner's brows. Sure, they could possibly be microbladed, but that doesn't mean that aren't #goals. Given that she's already trademarked the word Kybrow, doesn't a brow product just make sense?

3. Setting Powder

Jenner has been rocking a glow lately (Thanks, Kylighter), but it's her all-matte everything makeup that she's famous for. If you want to create a matte look, a setting powder is your best friend. Since Jenner's matte face is famous, why not move toward powder next?

4. Concealer

If you've ever seen Jenner's makeup artist Ariel Tejada do her makeup, you've probably seen him carve out her brows using a concealer. That what gives her that precise, gorgeous arch. Plus, Jenner uses concealer to brighten her under eye for that brilliant, wide-awake look. Basically, concealer is a multi-use product for the star, so why not craft one?

5. Cream Blush

Blush isn't a new product for Kylie Cosmetics, but a cream formula would be. Jenner has already introduced three different highlighting formulas (loose, powder, and cream-hybrid in the Wet Set), so why not a cream blush? The choice would be inspired for Jenner's fans with dry skin or those who love a natural flush.

6. Mascara

Jenner may be open about her lash extensions (thanks to a Buzzfeed interview complete with puppies), but that doesn't mean she shouldn't craft a mascara. Since lash extensions require cash and time, why not craft a mascara to give the effect?

7. Liquid Highlighter

Since Jenner's highlight game has gotten real as of late, it's time to step it up a bit. Of course, Kylie Cosmetics' Ultra Glow loose powder highlights are blinding, but a liquid formula would be perfect. The versatility alone would make it a must-have. Mix it into foundations, wear it alone, or layer it with a powder for double the glow power. Come on, Kylie Cosmetics, everyone needs this.

8. Lip Primer

But how does this product not already exist? Jenner has made her empire what it is based on her lip kits. A lip primer kind of seems like a given, right?

9. Setting Spray

When your makeup is always perfect, you've got to share the magic, right? Of course, Jenner has a team of talented artists around her, but why not share the staying power of her makeup via a setting spray?

10. Brow Gel

While Jenner could create a pencil or pomade brow product, a gel would also be an excellent choice. Not only would it help to set the brows, but for those who love a more natural look, it's an ideal product.

11. Beauty Sponge

The world of beauty sponges is vast, so why not add one more? You can never have too many tools, and while the beautyblender may be the most iconic, some makeup lovers swear by the EcoTools or Real Techniques sponges instead. If she's already making eye brushes, Jenner should definitely consider a complexion sponge for that (hopeful) future foundation.

While there's no way to know what's next for Kylie Cosmetics, fans know that Jenner always has something up her sleeves. Fingers crossed these items on the menu.