11 Longtime Lush Employees Share Their Favorite Products Of All Time

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Walking into a Lush store can be a magical experience. For most Lushies, it's like being a kid in a candy store with so many different colorful products to choose from. But for new Lush customers (or Lushies who are on the search for something new), it can sometimes be overwhelming. How can you possibly choose? Where should you even start? Perhaps getting some advice from those who know the brand best can help. Eleven longtime Lush employees recently shared their favorite Lush products of all time with Bustle, and you're going to want to keep them in mind during your next Lush shopping experience.

There are almost 700 different Lush products available for purchase at one time, Lush Digital PR Coordinator Peter Seney tells Bustle. What's even more impressive, however, is the rate at which they create new products. Unlike other cosmetic companies with long lead times, Lush works quickly to invent and push out their products. Their most recent Christmas collection had over 100 products, many of them brand new to Lush customers. While stressful, Lush wouldn't have it any other way, according to Lush's product inventors.

Lush inventor and cosmetic scientist Dan Campbell tells Bustle that Lush employees have their hand in every stage of creating a Lush product, from coming up with an idea to selling it on the floor. It's this process, coupled with the fact that they don't like to take longer than three months between ideation and manufacturing, that allows them to know exactly what's going inside each bath bomb or shower gel. It also gives them the opportunity to hear what customers like (or dislike) about a product so that they can tweak and perfect for their next one.

Jack Constantine, product inventor and Chief Digital Officer (as well as son of Lush's founder Mark Constantine), says that during a product's conception, they ask themselves two important questions: 1. What's exciting about the product? and 2. What gives you that exciting feeling when you look at it? Once those questions are addressed and a product is invented, "everyone wants to just get the products out. No one wants to wait," Constantine tells Bustle.

And wait, you will not. With hundreds upon hundreds of products at your fingertips, consider these favorites as must-buys.

R&B Hair Moisturizer

R&B Hair Moisturizer, $25.95, Lush USA

Jack Constantine (who has basically worked at Lush his entire life) says he can't live without Lush's R&B Hair Moisturizer. It keeps frizzy hair and fly-aways in place, and can even be used on facial hair.

Twilight Shower Gel

Twilight Body Spray, $29.95, Lush USA

"Anything and everything Twilight [scented]," PR Coordinator Kat Poulos (who has been with Lush for two years) says with excitement. If you're a fan of soothing lavender scents, you definitely need to hop on the Twilight train.

The Greeench

The Greeench, $10.95, Lush USA

It's hard to ask a product inventor what their favorite product is. "It's like asking me to pick my favorite child," Dan Campbell, who has worked for Lush for almost 10 years, tells Bustle. But one that he uses daily is The Greeench, one of Lush's dusting body deodorants.

Plum Rain Shower Gel

Plum Rain Shower Gel, $11.95, Lush USA

Digital PR Coordinator Peter Seney (who has worked at Lush for two years) swears that the fruity, moisturizing Plum Rain Shower Gel is so good, it'll change your life.

Cosmetic Lad

Cosmetic Lad, $25.95, Lush USA

Director of Manufacturing, Graham Brown, was Lush North America's first employee and has worked for the company for 20 years. He can name several Lush products that he can't live without in less than a minute. One of them? Cosmetic Lad, which he loves using to moisturize his face (and for post-shaving, too).

1,000 Millihelens

1,000 Millihelens, $13.95, Lush USA

Brand and Product Training Manager, Jeff Brown, has worked for Lush for over 12 years and says his favorite invention (of the moment) is Lush's Jelly Face Mask, particularly 1,000 Millihelens. "It's got green tea, witch hazel, and fresh apple juice...I use it almost every day."


Ultrabland, $29.95, Lush USA

Skin care was what brought Brand and Product Trainer Meghan Campbell to Lush as a customer and that is what has kept her loyal as an employee for 10 years. So if she had to pick one product, she'd choose gentle facial cleanser Ultrabland. "It's my staple product that I could not live without," Campbell says. (This product was also named a favorite by employees Dan Campbell and Erika Edwards, so it comes very highly recommended!)

Ocean Salt

Ocean Salt, $21.95, Lush USA

Charitable Giving Ambassador, Erika Edwards (who has worked for the company for 13 years), absolutely adores Lush's Ocean Salt for its exfoliating properties and its fresh scent. Shauna Grinke, Lush's Director of Human Resources for three years, agrees. "It's my go-to," Grinke shares.

Sleepy Lotion

Sleepy Lotion, $9.95, Lush USA

Compounder and Bubble Bar creator Alexandra Crema (who has worked for Lush for five years) says that "anything Twilight" (like fellow employee Kat Poulous) is her favorite, but notes that she is also obsessed with the cult-favorite Sleepy Lotion.


Sandstone, $7.95, Lush USA

Public Relations Specialist Nicole McRonney (who has been with the company for over two years) has something to say to all those Ocean Salt lovers: Sandstone is better. If you're looking for an exfoliating soap that smells like a tropical vacation, pick one up the next time you're at Lush.

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