Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Outfits That Are Back In Style

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If you were a kid growing up in the '90s, then chances are you were obsessed with the Olsen twins — and more specifically, with the Olsen twins' style. That's why it's so exciting to notice that a lot of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen outfits are back in style — it's like fan girling over the duo all over again. Whether your love affair with them began with Michelle Tanner in Full House, or if you were obsessed with their hundreds of different movies and books, any tween growing up noticed one thing in particular about the duo: They had some killer fashion sense.

They weren't afraid to embrace their individual and quirky tastes when they were younger — swaddling themselves in everything from bandanas to clashing prints — and inspiring many to take their own fashion risks as they gazed at their pictures in teen-centric magazines. Then in their early twenties the Olsen's fashion sense evolved, and the world was treated to their grungy bohemian look that made most fans want to wrap themselves in seven different scarves and wear dresses that would sweep to the floor and tangle with their heels. And now, all of those looks are back, and ready to be re-copied. Ahead are some Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen looks that are back in style — dust off your peasant dresses, because you'll be inspired.


Velvet Pants

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From Zara to ASOS, fast fashion stores and boutiques alike were filled with crushed velvet pants this last winter season. The chillier months brought in a kind of '70s revival, where bell bottom pants came in gunmetal silver, mustard, and cranberry hues, adding a welcome touch of texture to any fashion lover's outfit. And it seems like Mary-Kate was already championing the trend 13 years ago.


Extra Bohemian Dresses

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No matter how many people tell you this is the era of minimalism, long, loud bohemian dresses will always be in. Just take a spin through Anthropolgie and you'll see that theory alive and well. In the mid-Noughties, Mary-Kate & Ashley were the queens of the bohemian aesthetic, and MK's red dress would fit right into our wardrobes present day.


Sequin-Bombed Dresses

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Mary-Kate's, long sleeve, sequin-bombed dress would work perfectly in 2017. From the dizzying colors to the faux stripes, this frock looks like something you would be able to order from ASOS.


Bra-Exposing Dresses

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From sheer skirts that let you show off your best black granny panties to sheer tops that you can pop over decorative bras, see-through clothes are very on trend right now. That's why Mary-Kate's bandeau flaunting gown could seamlessly cross into the here and now.


1920s Style Dresses

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Mary-Kate is rocking a Gilded Age dress but with a kick. Rather than being too on the nose and going full flapper, her dress instead incorporates a 1920s silhouette but uses a fun and upbeat striped print. Throw in the fuzzy headband that's supposed to mimic and flapper hairpiece, (and quite frankly looks like something you could pick up from ASOS right now) Olsen proves her style can cross any decade.


Vintage Lace Dresses

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Lace never really goes out of style, but it's so interesting to see that Ashley's particular motif and cut can still be easily found on clothes racks today. It's a little bit bohemian and a little bit country, and all kinds of chic.


Unexpected Outerwear

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Here Mary-Kate layered an unexpected silk jacket over her red carpet gown, which is such a 2017 move. We're all about updating an outfit with an out-of-the-box garment, from using metallic raincoats to rocking embroidered overshirts to popping on a kimono. Some styling tricks never go out of fashion.


Sheer Dresses

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A fun summer look that's trending right now is throwing on a sheer dress over a slip, or even tossing a sheer frock over a tank and denim shorts. It's unexpected, playful, and apparently can stand up to a decade. Ashley's dress here can easily be seen on any twenty-something person nowadays, bead-work and black slip and all.


Skinny Scarves

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The skinny scarf is back and it brought with it some major '70s vibes! That's why it's impressive that Ashley is even wearing bell bottoms here — she's rocking the 2017 look to a tee. The skinny scarves came in silk versions to velvet, sheer, and tasseled looks, and it was the look du jour during the winter and spring. This just shows you should throw out nothing from your wardrobe because it all comes back into style.


Victorian-Like Dresses

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The romance of layered dresses and high, sheer collars hasn't died down in over a hundred years, which is why it comes as no surprise that Mary-Kate's Edwardian-like gown still translates into today. With its frilly cape to its delicate beaded tassels, this frock could easily be found in any 2017 boutique.


Kimonos & Cage Booties

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Ashley is pulling off the classic layering move of jazzing up an outfit with either a kimono or duster vest. The piece looks amazing when matched with a shorter skirt since it gives an extra visual element, and it also gives you an extra chance to add some color or texture to the look. Meanwhile Mary-Kate is rocking cage booties, which also happen to hit mid-shin — a huge look this past winter.

Looking back at Olsen photos as far back as 2003, it's amazing to see how so many of their looks are still in vogue. These sisters have always been flawless in the fashion department.