11 Mother’s Day Gifts To Get Your Friends Who Are New Moms

by Kaitlyn Wylde

I'm officially at the point in my life where Mother's Day isn't just about my mom — it's about my friends too. I'm now old enough that I have to worry about Mother's Day gifts for friends who are new moms, and it is blowing my mind. I still can't get over the fact that my friends are moms, but celebrating Mother's Day with them makes it very real. While flowers for everyone is certainly the easiest plan of gifting action, I know that my friends who are new moms need a lot more than table top decorations that will die in a week. Whether your friend is pregnant, nursing, or raising a toddler, there are tons inexpensive of products that they'll be so grateful to receive.

My gifting philosophy is that if you're going to spend money on someone, you should get them something that is going to make their life better. Take the $30 you were going to spend on a bouquet of flowers and get your friend something she needs. Or go in with a big group of friends and get her something more expensive. Whether it's a toy that will keep the baby happy, a product that will make your pregnant friend feel more comfortable, or a device that makes mom-ing less stressful, your friend will be so appreciative for the thoughtful gift. Flowers are great but you have to water them and eventually throw them away — your friend who is a new mom doesn't need any more responsibilities, so get her something that helps. Here are some of the best products for new moms on the market.

A Portable Changing Table

Breast Therapy

A Luxe Lotion

An Epic Baby Monitor

A Mensa-Worthy Play Gym

A Super Comfy Bra

A Deluxe Body Pillow

Instagrammable Crib Sheets

A Magic Sleep Inducing Mat

A Cure-All Cream

A Multi-Use Baby Cover