These Slumber Party Classics Are Coming To Netflix In July

by Amy Roberts
Paramount Pictures

For anyone who truly values their relaxation time as much as I do, the the list of new movies being added to Netflix each month is an important one. Well, judging from the movies coming to Netflix in July 2017, we're going to be spending the upcoming month catching some serious nostalgia feels. A lot of the new movies heading to the streaming site next month are ones that you probably enjoyed at some point in your childhood or teen years. Specifically, many of these movies are slumber party classics — or at least at the ones that I went to — and you'll definitely want to revisit them as an adult.

This ragtag bunch of movies are all pretty diverse in their offerings, and yet they're all united by how seriously watchable they are in a group setting. Be they tearjerkers, comedies, cute animations, or one of the dumbest things you've ever seen (in the best way possible, of course), these were all slumber party classics in their own majestic way from when you were a small child to when you were a teenager. And now that they're coming to Netflix in July, I think it might be time to get the old gang back together, order some pizza, and relive the slumber parties of our youth.



Swoon, sob, repeat. It's basically one of the most essential slumber party movies to ever have existed.



The discovery that Clueless was inspired by Jane Austen's Emma made this 1996 adaptation of the classic novel (starring Gwyneth Paltrow) essential viewing.


'Disney's The Mighty Ducks'

Still the greatest ice hockey team known to man. You knew it when you were a kid, quacking along in support of the team's success at sleepovers, and you still know it today.


'The Land Before Time'

The Land Before Time was the perfect balance of adorable and heartbreaking.


'The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure'

That's right, the sequel, in which Tanglefoot and friends decide to raise a baby Tyrannosaurus as their own (as you do), is also coming to Netflix in July. Now if only they had the third movie to complete this slumber party trilogy...


'The Land Before Time III: The Time Of The Great Giving'

Well, what do you know, here it is. And yes, you'll want to watch all three of them at once, and there's no shame in admitting that.


'Free Willy'

Relive your fourth grade obsession with whales by crying your little eyes out at this nostalgic beauty.


8 'E.T., The Extra Terrestrial'

Another tearjerker that had you and your girlfriends (and your kid brother who had somehow snuck into the room) sobbing into a communal bowl of chips. It's still a masterpiece.


'Jackass: Number Two'

Definitely one for older slumber parties (unless you had a friend with a totally cool mom), Jackass: Number Two was delightfully dumb and could cause hysterical fits of grossed out, squirming laughter every time.


'Are We There Yet?'

Who knew that Ice Cube could be so hilarious? He and the children of the woman he's trying desperately to impress in the movie make for comedy gold.


'Are We Done Yet?'

Such comedy gold, in fact, that the sequel was also always worth a watch.

I think I'll definitely be re-assembling the old crew for a heartfelt re-watch of these movies real soon. Only this time, thank goodness, I have the power of wine to help me through the sheer heartache of Titanic. I'll never let go, Jack...