11 Movies On Netflix 'Jessica Jones' Fans Will Love, From 'Catwoman' To 'The Lovely Bones'

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Jessica Jones Season 2 dropped on Netflix on International Women's Day, and it couldn't have been a more fitting choice. Like Season 1, the new episodes continue the story of the superhero who doesn't want to be super, and the second season delivers just as much action and mystery as the first. It's just too bad the episodes go by so quickly. Thankfully, for those viewers who are craving more after marathoning the whole series, there are movies on Netflix similar to Jessica Jones that will take care of that need.

As fans know, Jessica's most defining traits (other than her powers) are her toughness and independence. She only has one person she really cares about in her life, and that's her adoptive sister, Trish. Many of the movies below feature types of bonds, while others are more similar to Jessica Jones in the action and intrigue categories. And plenty of the films are female-focused, in line with the fact that not only does Jessica Jones star women, but it also had a ton of ladies behind the camera; in fact, every Season 2 episode was directed by a woman.

So whether you're looking for action, drama, friendship, or crime, these 10 movies, all streaming on Netflix, are perfect choices to watch if you love Jessica Jones.

1. Captain America: Civil War

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This is one of the best Marvel superhero movies and is about one of the biggest conflicts that Earth's Mightiest Heroes have ever faced: each other. It's definitely a grittier movie than many other comic book flicks, but that fits perfectly with Jessica Jones' dark tone.

2. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

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Jyn Erso would definitely be on the same wavelength as Jessica Jones. They both have a tough, kickass attitude and can fight like no one else. Jyn is definitely not as reluctant to be a hero as Jessica is, but they both grew up under tough circumstances and have a heart of gold under all their grit.

3. The Hunting Ground

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This documentary isn't in the same style as Jessica Jones but it tackles the topics of sexual assault and the exploitation of individuals by those in power, which is a big part of both Season 1 and Season 2. Jessica would definitely admire the strength of the survivors featured in this film.

4. Cruel Intentions

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With some screwed up characters, an intense storyline, and a villain expertly played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, Cruel Intentions is right in line with the dramatic, dark, and funny parts of Jessica Jones.

5. Charlie St. Cloud

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Charlie St. Cloud gets into a fatal car accident with his brother, just like Jessica. Instead of being brought back to life with superhuman strength, though, Charlie is brought back with the power to see and talk to the dead or dying. It's not an action film, but it might still interest those who love the family aspect of Jessica Jones.

6. Spotlight

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A great part of Jessica Jones is all of the mystery and crime Jessica investigates, and Spotlight hits on that aspect big time. It's an Oscar-winning movie with themes of sexual abuse and justice at the forefront.

7. Kill Bill Vol. 1

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Kill Bill is all about a woman who is taken advantage of and underestimated. Uma Thurman's Bride and Jessica could be the same person at moments. They're both tough, know how to fight, and up for a challenge. Both have had horrible things happen to them in the past and are fighting to get even in the present by doing whatever it takes.

8. Catwoman

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Female superheroes are unfortunately hard to find, but Catwoman is pretty great. Just like Jessica, Patience Phillips receives her powers after a near-death experience. When she's brought back, she has cat-like abilities, and the rest is history. It's definitely very in line with what Jessica Jones is all about.

9. The Lovely Bones

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A rather dark movie, The Lovely Bones is about a young girl who is murdered and the investigation that follows. It has the dark drama and mystery seen in Jessica Jones, although it has more whimsical moments than the show.

10. Heathers

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Dark and funny, Heathers is an '80s cult classic. Winona Ryder is amazing as Veronica, a high schooler who falls in with the new, bad kid. She follows along as he goes on a killing spree, posing all of his victims as suicides. Honestly, Veronica would probably freak Jessica out if they ever met.

11. Big Eyes

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Big Eyes is another movie about the exploitation of women by men. It doesn't have a ton in common with Jessica Jones in terms of style or genre, but Krysten Ritter, who plays the reluctant superhero, does co-star in the award-winning film as a friend to Amy Adams' character Margaret Keane.

While you wait for Jessica Jones Season 3, give one of these great movies a chance.