11 Movies & Shows Starring Your Harry Potter Faves That You Can Stream This Second


The Harry Potter series is literally magical, and it's understandable that some people just want to watch the movies over and over again. If that's what you do, don't worry — it's totally normal. But there's a whole list of movies and shows starring your fave Harry Potter actors that you can stream right now, too. Even though it's different from watching Ron, Hermione, and Harry together, you can still enjoy your most-loved wizards even when they're appearing in different roles.

If you're feeling hesitant about this, you might want to try easing into this more diverse movie repertoire. Start with Beauty and the Beast, which has a similar magical aspect to Harry Potter, and Emma Watson's role in it is basically Hermione 2.0. Once you get through that, you'll realize that you can totally watch other movies besides Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire five times in a row. You may even enjoy it.

Now that all eight HP movies are available on HBO Go, it is easier than ever to avoid straying away from Hogwarts. The good news is that your favorite stars from Harry Potter all have other movies and shows that they've made since the series wrapped in 2011. Many of them are available on streaming sites, too, so you should check these out. C'mon, take a chance on them — it's what Harry would want.

'Beauty And The Beast'

Belle was basically the perfect character for Emma Watson to play after she portrayed the beloved Hermione. Watch her tell the tale as old as time on Netflix.


Alan Rickman, aka Snape, was busy making movies after finishing Harry Potter. Sadly, the actor passed away in 2016, but fans will remember him, always. Catch Rickman in Gambit on Netflix.

'Swiss Army Man'

See Danielle Radcliffe as you've never seen him before in Swiss Army Man, available on Amazon Prime.

Stream here.


You've probably heard the conspiracy theory that NASA faked the moon landing, but did you hear the one about Stanley Kubrick directing it? Rupert Grint stars is in a movie that's all about that wild theory, and it's available on Netflix.

'The Circle'

Catch Emma Watson alongside Tom Hanks in this Silicon Valley-set film on Amazon Prime.

Stream here.


Rupert Grint now stars on a show, Snatch, which you can find on Sony's streaming site, Crackle.

'Downton Abbey'

If you haven't seen Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey, you deserve a points deduction, Professor McGonagall style. Watch the series now on Amazon Prime.

Stream here.

'What If'

Adam Driver and Zoe Kazan star with Radcliffe in this offbeat rom-com. Find it on Amazon Prime.

Stream here.


Michael Gambon, aka Dumbledore, voices Uncle Pastuzo in Paddington, which is now available on Netflix.

'A Promise'

You can watch this romantic movie set in pre-WWI Germany, starring Rickman, on Netflix.

'A Young Doctor's Notebook And Other Stories'

Jom Hamm stars alongside Radcliffe as older and younger versions of the same person. See the resemblance? You can watch the whole series on Netflix.

While it's always an option to only watch the Harry Potter movies on rotation, you may as well branch out and check out the stars in these other shows and movies.