11 National Cake Day Memes That Will Definitely Make You Hungry


It's almost impossible for anyone out to pick a favorite dessert. There is a seemingly endless amount of options, and they are all delicious! But for many people, one of the best desserts out there is cake, and it's not hard to see why. Cake can come in almost any flavor, shape, color, and size imaginable. It can be basic and simple, or extravagant and too pretty to eat. It could be full of all different kinds of flavors, with lots of frosting and fillings and toppings, or it could just be all chocolate. There's almost nothing you can't do with cake, and it is always so good. So, when Thanksgiving winds down, right before you get into holiday cookie season, you'll want to celebrate National Cake Day. This year, it falls on Monday, Nov. 26, and it is definitely a holiday you'll want to take part in. You should eat all of the cake, of course, but you can also post some of the below National Cake Day memes to your social media accounts to get some likes and laughs from your friends and followers.

Before you do that, though, it's interesting to think about how long cake has been around. Historians have found early examples of cake in the remains of Neolithic villages, where archaeologists found simple cakes that were made of things like crushed grains (doesn't sound fantastic, to be honest). Older takes on cake were found in medieval England, in ancient Greek civilizations, and during the Roman period. Although these cakes all had a different name and were quite different than the sugary cakes we eat today, they were still thought of as a treat.

Today, cake can be almost anything, and can be found almost anywhere. And while they are usually supposed to be reserved for special occasions, like birthdays, holidays, and weddings, they can really be eaten whenever you want. So what's stopping you from eating one on a random Monday in November? That's what you'll want to do after checking out the below funny cake memes, which are going to make you crave your favorite kind:


The only real way to eat a cake:

Who says a serving of cake has to be just one triangular slice?


The Grumpy Cat cake:

Sure, Grumpy Cat is an old meme, but it will still always be a classic.


This genius way to get free cake:

This is the perfect way to enjoy free dessert and to have a really fun and unique date night.


The feeling you have whenever you order cake at a restaurant:

You always save room for cake, even when you haven't actually saved room, you know?


This meme that encourages you to have it all:

Honestly, you should just print this out and hang it up somewhere as an inspirational meme.


This relatable cake meme:

We've all been this cat before.


This one that explains adulting can be hard sometimes:

Sure, you can eat an entire cake in one sitting, but it's also really uncomfortable to do it. Just take the classic Matilda cake scene as an example!


The way it really went down:

Because cake is delicious, and everyone wants to eat it!


When someone close to you betrays you:

One of the worst feelings ever has to be when you're looking forward to eating your leftovers, and then you realize someone has gotten to them before you could.


This meme that will make you feel attacked:

You can actually hear this meme if you listen hard enough.


This dog that is all of us when we receive a cake:

See that pure, innocent joy on this dog's face? This is what we all look like when we get a cake.