11 New Shows & Movies On Netflix This Week, Including A Beloved Original Series' Finale


If you’re a Sense8 fan who was devastated to hear that the series was canceled back in 2017, you’ve probably been eagerly awaiting the finale. Luckily, the acclaimed show's standalone last episode finally comes to Netflix on June 8, appropriately timed to LGBTQ Pride Month. And even better, the Sense8 finale is just one of the many great movies and shows coming to Netflix this week that you should absolutely check out.

As fans know, part of what made Sense8 so special to viewers was the show’s inclusive representation of LBGTQ characters. It's truly exciting that in addition to that series' finale, Netflix's lineup of new movies and TV shows this week includes plenty of other LGBTQ-focused content. Most notably, the site will premiere Alex Strangelove, an original Netflix movie about a teenage boy who comes to terms with being gay — while deciding whether or not to have sex with his girlfriend.

That’s not all Netflix has in store this week. This week, the site also premieres its highly anticipated true crime docuseries The Staircase, and Netflix is finally adding Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok to the superhero lineup. Check out all the new movies and shows coming this week below.

'Thor: Ragnarok' (June 5)

Good news, Marvel fans. Thor: Ragnarok is coming to Netflix on June 5, so you can now re-watch the movie while you await the next Avengers installment.

'Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast' — Season 2 (June 7)

The Korean reality show return with a new episode every Thursday, so now you can catch up again with Lee Hyori and Lee Sang-soon.

'The Night Shift' — Season 4 (June 7)

The NBC medical drama's fourth and final season makes its way to Netflix this week.

'Alex Strangelove' (June 8)

Alex Strangelove is the latest Netflix original movie, and it's focused on the story of Alex, a teenage boy who tries to figure out his sexual orientation while being in a heterosexual relationship.

'Ali's Wedding' (June 8)

In this Australian film, a Muslim man named Ali has to choose between going ahead with the family tradition of an arranged marriage or marrying a woman he loves. The movie is based on its star and co-screenwriter Osamah Sami's own life.

'Marcella' -- Season 2 (June 8)

The British crime noir's second season aired in the UK earlier this year, but now American fans can catch up.

'Sense8: The Series Finale' (June 8)

The long-awaited Sense8 finale will bring closure to the show's fans this weekend, answering all of their burning questions with a heartfelt sendoff.

'The Hollow' (June 8)

This animated TV show features three teens who find themselves in magical realm filled with beasts and adventures.

'The Staircase' (June 8)

Netflix knows many of its users love the site's selection of gripping true crime documentaries, from Making a Murderer to The Keepers. So Netflix is adding yet another true crime docu-series this weekend, The Staircase, that's perfect for marathoning. This one delves into the mystery surrounding the death of author Michael Peterson's wife.

'Treehouse Detectives' — Season 2 (June 8)

Netflix recently expanded its original children's animated series Treehouse Detectives to being streamable worldwide and now the show will return for its second season. The series follows bear sibling detectives Toby and Teri as they uncover a new mystery in each episode.

'Wynonna Earp' — Season 2 (June 9)

The most recent season of sci-fi horror Wynonna Earp ended last August, but Netflix is finally bringing it to the site. This addition comes just in time, as the show's third season is set to begin on July 20, giving new fans plenty of time to catch up on Netflix before watching.

This is one of the most exciting weeks of the month for Netflix, bringing fans of various genres plenty to look forward to. Once you're done watching the Sense8 finale and need something to keep your mind off your sadness, catch up on any of these shows and movies.