11 Oddly Specific Harry Potter Items You Didn't Know You Need Until Now
by Kerri Jarema

Potterheads are no stranger to Harry Potter merchandise. We've all got drawers full of t-shirts and sweaters; lightning bolt necklaces and Deathly Hallows rings; figurines and stuffed animals we probably should have outgrown a decade ago; and more new editions of the books than we can count. But, you might be surprised to know, there's still troves of Potter merch out there yet to be discovered. If you look past the usual reproduced Hogwarts crest hoodies and Dark Mark temporary tattoos, there are definitely pieces ranging from accessories to home goods, that you don't have in your collection. And, most likely, these are things that you never knew you wanted or needed.

But take it from a fellow lifelong Potter fan like me: you're going to find a reason to want every single one of these oddly specific items of merch. Whether you're looking for something to wear, something to decorate with, or something that will actually be useful in your every day life, there is something in the 11 picks below that you're going to need to add to your wish list. And, hey, if you're the ultimate Potter shopper and you already have these things at home, consider this the ultimate shopping list for all of the friends and family in your life.

An Engraved Wooden Music Box To Lull You Off To Sleep

You probably never knew you wanted a music box with a Harry Potter quote on it before now, did you? But these gorgeous boxes (there are over 30 different options for Harry Potter fans alone) would make a great addition to any bedroom, especially if you like some music to lull you to sleep.

Harry Potter Engraved Wooden Music Box, $23.00, Etsy

A Welcome Mat Inviting Fellow Wizards Into Your Home

A welcoming mat declaring your home open to fellow wizards (and yeah, sure, some muggles, too) is a decor necessity you probably didn't even realize you were missing out on. But with one add-to-cart click, you can accio that mat right into your life.

Harry Potter Welcome Mat, $40.99, Etsy

A Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner Because You're Never Too Old To Get Sucked Into A Trend

You've seen these silly things everywhere this summer, but you have not seen one as gorgeous as this. If they sold fidget spinners in Diagon Alley, this is definitely what they'd look like. If you have so far been able to resist these (supposedly stress relieving) toys, you now have full permission to give in.

Gryffinspin Harry's Spinner, $40.00, Etsy

A Howler Pin To Add To Your Denim Jacket So Everyone Knows You're A Bad Ass

There are tons of HP lapel pins out there, but you've probably never thought to add a good ol' Howler to your collection. But this pin is not only a subtle nod to the series that only your fellow Potterheads will recognize, it will look hella fierce on your denim or tote bag.

Howler Pin, $8.00, Etsy

A Wreath For Your Front Door That Will Let Everyone Know They're Entering Potterhead Territory

It can be "Celebrate Harry Potter Day" all year round at your house with this adorable Harry Potter book page wreath. It's made using pages from the books and features unbelievably adorable accents.

15" Harry Potter Inspired Book Page Wreath, $29.00, Etsy

A Personalized House Rules Print So Your Family Knows What's Up

Every house needs rules, and you might have never thought you needed to print them out and frame them... but you do. Good thing you can totally do that with just the click of a button.

Harry Potter Personalized House Rules Poster Print, $6.73, Etsy

Winged Keys Because... Well, Because Why The Hell Not

Now you don't have to fly a broomstick around to grab one of these beauties (as badly as you might want to.) Use them to decorate, stick them to your actual keys as a super fancy keychain, or throw them on a chain and wear them as a necklace. The possibilities are endless. And you thought you didn't need these...

Harry Potter Winged Flying Keys (Set Of 5 or 10), $15.00+, Etsy

Stand Mixer Decals That Will Make Make You Feel Like A Wizard Every Time You Bake

OK, this one is sweet and if you have a) have a stand mixer and b) love to bake, then I cannot see how you can walk away from these adorable decals. The sheets come in all the colors you could ever need and features the "Potions Master" sticker as well as other accents including a cauldron and magic potions. We're not sure Snape would approve, but when has that ever deterred a bad ass like you?

Kitchen Mixer Harry Potter Inspired Potions Master Set Decal, $16.34, Etsy

Morse Code Jewelry With A Magical Hidden Message

Bet you never thought you needed a Harry Potter themed morse code bracelet, but that's only because you haven't been thinking big enough! All of these are dainty enough to go with any outfit, and the hidden messages are so cool. There are ones that spell out each of the Houses of course, and also pieces that spell out "Auror," "Expecto Patronum," "Lumos" and others you won't be able to resist.

Gryffindor Morse Code Bracelet, $5.95, Etsy

A Pair Of Socks And A Mug That Will Warm Both Your Feet And Your Heart

If you're the sort of person who thinks socks are just little pieces of fabric used to keep your feet warm and you don't care what they look like one way or another...boy, are you missing out. Because you need these Dobby-themed novelty socks in your life, and this mug, too. They will make any day in bed reading that much better, wizard's honor.

Harry Potter Gift Set with Socks and Mug, $20.00, Etsy

A Set Of Coasters To Put Your Frosty Glass Of Butterbeer On

Everyone needs coasters, but they don't have to be boring old sets you grabbed from the nearest dollar store. You can up your magical game with this set that features real chapter pages from the series. Your mugs of tea, coffee, and Butterbeer, of course, will never have felt quite so luxurious.

Harry Potter Coasters (Set of 4), $14.99, Etsy