These Eclipse Wedding & Proposal Stories Will Burn Your Eyes With Their Cuteness

by Megan Grant

Monday's total solar eclipse brought out all sorts of weird happenings: we learned that the president of the United States doesn't know it's a bad idea to look directly at the sun; it was maybe the one day of the year it was totally overcast here in Las Vegas where I live; and then there are these pictures of eclipse weddings and proposals that prove romance isn't completely dead.

This eclipse was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was the first coast-to-coast total eclipse for the United States in nearly 100 years, and it's not going to happen for us again until April 8, 2024. In other words, for many of us, Monday's eclipse was likely the first (but hopefully not the last) chance we had at witnessing such an extraordinary moment. It's no wonder couples in love decided to take advantage of the experience and mark it as an extra special chapter in their own lives. It's not every day you can say you got engaged or married under the magic of a total solar eclipse.

Solar eclipses are a signal of new beginnings — and this one happened during Mercury Retrograde, which made for an even more interesting eclipse. Perhaps it was the perfect time to slip a ring on the finger of your one true love.

Here are some moments from couples who took the next big step.


A Harry Potter Wedding

After Thomas Brandt proposed to Rachel Sloan at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Florida, the Nashville couple said "I do" during the eclipse. The wedding came complete with Harry Potter invitations, a HP dress code, and a custom-made Quidditch ring for her. Also, her bouquet was made of spells. Spells.


The Most Epic Day Ever

Eclipse + birthday + engagement = total awesome sauce. This is like Christmas morning on steroids, only better.


"I Do" In The Darkness

Some couples release doves. Others throw rice. This happy couple rang in life as newlyweds with the complete darkness of the total solar eclipse.


B*tch Stole My Look

It's a close call — really close. A wedding proposal or super-rare total solar eclipse? Both are gorgeous, either way.


A Team Effort

What's better than one wedding during the eclipse? How about multiple weddings happening at the same time?


Getting Down On One Knee (In The Sand)

How cool this must have been! Eclipse watching from the sand dunes, and then an engagement? This guy's a keeper!


Pitch Black Nuptials

How fantastically eerie is this? Nothing like swapping vows under the shadow of the moon.


A Time Lapse Engagement

Watch this whole touching proposal from start to finish, under the dimming sky of the total solar eclipse. Fun fact: this woman caught it by accident while filming the eclipse!


Everything's Better With Beer

Let them drink beer! These folks know what matters in life: total solar eclipses... and booze. This is a wedding people would actually want to go to.


Just Say Yes

Three cheers for big, emotional romantics. Those are the best kinds of fiances.


Love Is In The Air

The moon passing in front of the sun wasn't the only memory these people walked away with. Congrats, you two!