11 Plus Size Clothes That Are Actually Worth Spending Money On This Year

Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle

Lately I've been fascinated with the idea of simplifying my wardrobe. It's not that I still don't occasionally blackout and spend $150 on ASOS (I do), but I am actively trying to be more thoughtful about building a wardrobe of long-lasting basics. This is something that's new to me — and honestly, it's strangely rewarding. Instead of haphazardly filling my wardrobe with items I know I'll be donating or selling in a year, I take the time to save and invest in things that will last. I do a little bit of research or I simply take a bit to think about if I will wear something more than once before I hit the check out button. I'm saving money, wearing more comfortable clothing, and feel more in tune with my personal style than ever.

But as someone who shops for mostly plus size clothing, finding those investment pieces and well-made basics is not easy. There are trendy brands or fast fashion (and often boring) basics, but true investment pieces are few and far between. Even if they're not as easy to find, those brands are out there, though. And everyone deserves to be able to build a wardrobe of pieces that they can love for years at a time, so here are 11 of the best plus size basics to invest in today.

Elizabeth Suzann Andy Trouser

If you've been in search of the minimalist, size inclusive brand of your dreams, say hello to Elizabeth Suzann. The brand creates made-to-order (so keep in mind, things can take a bit longer to ship than you might be used to) pieces in luxurious fabrics like linen, silk, and cotton. These pants are the perfect starter piece to transition you from winter to spring to summer, and they look great paired with just about anything. Plus, short and tall versions of the pants are available!

Universal Standard Billie Wrap Top

I'm a firm believer that everyone needs a long-sleeve wrap top in their wardrobe. It looks great with jeans, skirts, more formal pants, workout clothes, loungewear — you name it. Universal Standard's new Billie Wrap top comes in gray, black, and rose and looks super comfortable, too.

JXB by Janie Bryant Motorcycle Jacket

First thing's first: yes, this jacket is indeed $1,200. However, a luxury, high-end outerwear item that goes above a size 18 or 20 is a very, very rare occurrence. You may not have $1,200 to spend on a leather jacket (I certainly don't), but hey, maybe you do. Plus size people deserve to spend $1,200 on a jacket if they want to, and I'm very pleased that the option is available now via Janie Bryan's new JXB collection.

Lane Bryant Super Soft Stretch Skinny Jeans

Stretchy, but not too stretchy? Super soft? Dark denim that's not too dark? These Lane Bryant jeans are for you. Everyone needs a pair of go-to, unbelievably comfortable denim in their wardrobe to start the year, and these are a good place to start.

Elomi Matilda Bra

Every plus size fashion influencer I know talks about how comfortable this bra is. Plus, look how pretty it is! A good wardrobe is only benefitted by a comfortable (and sexy) foundation, so this investment piece makes sense.

And Comfort Fika Sweater

I've listed this cashmere sweater before in this series as one of my favorite items, but it's worth noting again. It's deliciously soft, size inclusive, and an unquestionable wardrobe staple. If you live somewhere where it gets even a little bit cold, you need this bad boy in your wardrobe.

Elizabeth Suzann Georgia Midi in Silk Creme

Everyone needs a silk dress in their wardrobe that they can dress up or down, and this Elizabeth Suzann look is the perfect option. And it comes in a variety of colors! The sizing ranges from OS (one size) minus to OS Plus 3, and is a bit unique to the brand so be sure to check out the sizing chart before adding this one to your cart.

Universal Standard Mesh Side Panel Leggings

Most of us have a half a dozen pairs of black leggings in our closet — but do you love all of them? If you're tired of your leggings falling down during a workout or looking too casual to wear to brunch, invest in a pair of Universal Standard leggings. These are my absolute favorite brand for leggings (and I've tried a lot), and $75 is worth it for a pair that stays put and can look chic.

Eloquii Leopard Midi Skirt

Leopard print is a neutral, if you ask me. And a leopard print skirt? A wardrobe staple. This option from Eloquii is light enough to layer with a long sweater or transition into summer with a body suit underneath.

Mara Hoffman Midi Dress

A casual wrap dress is always a good idea. I'm imagining this Mara Hoffman option from 11 Honore styled with ankle boots in the fall and bright sandals in the spring and summer.

AndComfort Cloud Tee

This is, without a doubt, the softest T-shirt I own. I would wear this T-shirt all day at work and then wear it to bed at night if I could (OK, I have before). It doesn't shrink, is made of super soft, fine cotton and will make you want to throw out every other T-shirt you own. I promise.