11 Poems For Twenty-Somethings That Will Inspire You, Motivate You, And Help You Get Through It All

By Kerri Jarema
Lucas Ottone/Stocksy

You've probably heard it before: your twenties will be the hardest decade of your life. Of course, everyone has their own experiences, and for some the years between 20 and 29 might be filled with nothing but rainbows and butterflies. But for so many of us, this period is rife with confusion, lots of hard work, personal and professional confusion, and more slip-ups than one can count. But, if you know where to look, this time can also be one of inspiration, and learning the most about who you are and want you want from your life in the decades to come. One thing that has definitely helped me most whenever I felt like I just couldn't get a grip? Reading... wheter it be novels, essays, or poetry.

Below are 11 poems that will keep you grounded during your twenties, no matter what roadblock you come up against. If you need general life inspiration, self-confidence, motivation, advice, commiseration, whatever; one or more of the poems below are sure to become favorites for you. Bookmark these to return to on the days when being in your twenties seems like some sort of cosmic joke — I guarantee you'll feel better about being in the thick of it right now.