11 Instagram Captions For Pi Day That Are So Punny You'll Groan

by Callie Tansill-Suddath

You never need an excuse to eat pie, but it you want one at least make it clever. Later this week is the informal holiday that appeals to dessert lovers and elementary school math teachers alike: Pi Day. Pi Day takes place annually on March 14, as 3.14 is the rounded value of pi. Assuming you are an adult, chances are you won't encounter too many Pi Day jokes this year (unless you're a teacher, then you're an expert). It is an occasion you'll have to celebrate in your own way, with some punny Instagram captions for Pi Day to boot.

Pi and pie are each distinct entities with separate, yet somewhat similar appeal. Bear with me, reader. Pie is a classic, versatile dish. In some forms — apple, cherry, chicken pot — it can appeal to traditionalists. Some kinds of pie are perfect for those with a sweet tooth, like icebox and candy bar pies. Pie crust can also house savory stews and gravy to create hearty winter dinners. Pie is what you make of it and your options when creating such are limitless. Limitless, just like the value of pi. Pi is a constant value in mathematics, which represents "the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter," according to Its first ten digits are 3.1415926535. You could spend all day reading about the value, or you could be planning the pie you'll make on Thursday at 1:59 and the caption that will accompany you Instagram photo of it.


Sir Cumference invented the round table

A play on the word "circumference," this caption is ideal for any of those photos you've been saving from the last renaissance fair you attended. Or just go to Burger King and get a paper crown.


What's a shark's favorite dessert? Octo-pi.


What do you call a bunch of sheep gathered in a circle? Shepherd’s Pi(e).

Shepherd's Pie is one of the easiest pies to make, mainly because there is no crust involved. It can also easily be altered for meat-free or gluten free diets. Whip one up and make sure to snap a photo of it.


Behold, the humble pi!


Why can't you find pi on Twitter? 280 characters isn't enough for it.

If you've ever met someone who just didn't know when to shut up, it could be argued they possess some of the unending, unhinged qualities of everyone's favorite limitless value.


Why should you never ask pi for advice? It'll go on forever.

Pi's primary characteristic is that it is unending. The numbers after the decimal point go on forever. Like, truly forever; it's a tough thing to wrap your mind around. So, don't! Just put this nifty little caption on a photo of your pi day selfie with your BFF you CAN ask for advice.


Easy as Pi

Well, as easy as explaining infinity gets, I guess.


What do you get when you take a bovine and divide its circumference by its diameter? A Cow pi.

It's not often cow jokes are made on Bustle, but all bets are off on pi day.


9.14 percent of sailors are pi rates!

There always has to be a pirate joke when math jokes are discussed. Maybe you've never met a pirate. Now is the opportunity to dress up and be that pirate you've always wanted to meet in real life.


What's another term for 1.57? Half a pie.

*Cue the Pi Day-related groans*.


11. How many bakers does it take to make a pie? 3.14.

Looking at all you home kitchen bakers and professional pastry chefs, too. Just as much as Pi Day is about math, it's about you too. Whip up your favorite rendition of the classic and maybe bake some numbers on the crust.