11 Real-Life Inventions Inspired By Science Fiction Novels

You can roll your eyes all you want at the aliens and spaceships and dimension-hopping shenanigans of classic science fiction. You can deride sci-fi as "genre" writing, and you can choose to read only the realest of "realistic" fiction instead. But if you like listening to podcasts on your phone, or paying for things on your credit card, or using the occasional automatic door, then you owe a huge debt to sci-fi writers. Science fiction writing has inspired everything from underwater travel to massive multi-player online role-playing games. One author's fanciful imaginings becomes the next generations real-life technology. So here are just a few of the sci-fi books that inspired real world inventions, because science fiction has a real impact on science fact.

When we talk about the influences of science fiction on the real world, we often look to sci-fi movies and TV shows. Modern shows like Black Mirror seem to predict the (worst case scenario) future of our current technologies. And yes, it's true that older shows like Star Trek gave us the mobile phone (among other things) back in the day. But quite a few of the science nerds who grew up to create our modern day tech read actual science fiction books to get their ideas. Here are just a few of them: