11 Shows As Bonkers As ‘Love Is Blind’ To Stream Right Now

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Netflix Love Is Blind

If you, like most of the internet, marathoned all of Love is Blind during its three-week February event, you're probably now scouring every streaming service in search of shows like Love is Blind. Fortunately, series creator Chris Coelen seems pretty confident that the show will return for Season 2 (and many seasons after that), but considering the original season was filmed a full year and a half before its release, it could be quite a while until that happens. Here are some alternatives to tide you over.

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1. Cheapest Weddings

This reality show is exactly what it sounds like. Couples go to great lengths to throw their weddings for as little money as possible. Some of them turn out great...others, not so much.

2. Back With the Ex

Another self-explanatory title, this show reunites Australian ex-lovers to give them another shot at making their relationships work.

3. My Hotter Half

British couples compete to take the best selfie; the loser gets a transformative makeover.

4. Terrace House

This is more of a standard dating show than Love is Blind, but it does follow six strangers who move into a house in Tokyo looking for love.

5. Dating Around

Dating Around is another Netflix original that has the same fly-on-the-wall vibe as Love Is Blind. In each episode, you get to witness a different person go on three dates in New York City, and at the end, their favorite pick gets a second date.

6. What The Love! with Karan Johar

Along with a glam squad and celebrity guests, TV personality Kran Johar mentors six hopeful singles as they look for love.

7. The Circle

The Circle is like the friendship version of Love is Blind. Instead of pods, its contestants are sequestered in their own apartments in the same building, where they get to know each other solely through text messages and social media profiles. They then rank each other by popularity, and the most-liked player at the end wins a cash prize.

8. Extreme Engagement

Rather than wedding planning at home, the couples on Extreme Engagement travel around the world for a year and immerse themselves in diverse marriage traditions. The trip may bring them closer...or make them rethink their pending nuptials.

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9. Married at First Sight

Before Love is Blind, Coelen worked on Married at First Sight, on which singles are matched by relationship experts and meet for the first time on their wedding day. It's not until their honeymoons that they start actually getting to know the person they just married.

10. 90 Day Fiancé

This TLC series follows long-distance, international couples who've applied for or recently received a 90-day visa, giving them three months to decide whether or not to commit to marriage.

11. Temptation Island

A reboot of the short-lived early 2000s series, Temptation Island invites four couples on a month-long vacation to Hawaii. The catch? Once they get there, they're separated and placed into a house of singles, who they go on dates with while deciding if they want to stay with their partner or leave the island with someone else.

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