11 Sailor Moon-Inspired Products You Need Now Right Now

While you might have loved Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh!, Sailor Moon was the ultimate manga queen back in the day, one with killer style and serious #SquadGoals. All of our favorite cartoons and characters are making a comeback as of late, especially in the fashion and beauty world, and lucky for you, Sailor Moon and her crew are a huge part of the nostalgia revival. These new Sailor Moon-inspired products are perfect for anyone who was a fan of the Japanese fighting Sailor and her sailor mates.

I don't know about you, but Sailor Moon was the girl who led all of my childhood adventures. I was the ultimate Sailor Moon fan; sitting close to the TV, I asked myself when she would ever find out that Tuxedo Mask was always with her. I even dressed as Sailor Jupiter for Halloween when I was in the first grade!

Sailor Moon and her posse was the original girl gang, one that even rivals that of Taylor Swift's squad. Why not channel the beloved blonde costumed crime fighter now? You can never be too old to rep Sailor Moon! Not only were her pigtails always on point, but her outfits were as cute and sassy as can be.

If you haven't already embraced those '90s trends, now's the time to fill your closets with girl power-inspired nostalgia. From eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks to jewelry and clothes, these Sailor Moon-inspired items will bring you back to the days of the klutzy, but lovable girl who also happened to have the ability to save the world.

1. Sailor Moon Lipstick


Creer Beaute Moon Stick Rouge Rich Pink, $21, Sasa

This wand-like lipstick will give you all the magic you need.

2. Sailor Moon Leggings


Neo Crystal Tokyo Eternal Sailor Moon Leggings, $39, Society 6

Are these perfect for yoga class or what?

3. Sailor Moon Sheet Masks


Creer Beauty Makeup Moisture Mask White Rose, $9, Sasa

These smell like the White Rose, reminiscent of Tuxedo Mask.

4. Sailor Moon Eyeliner

Creer Beaute Miracle Romance Sailor Moon Star Power Prism Liquid Eyeliner, $23, Amazon

Get the Japanese manga look with this precision eyeliner.

5. Sailor Moon Powder


Creer Beaute Shining Moon Powder Flat Style, $51, Sasa

Why not invest in Moon Cosmic Power powder?

6. Luna & Artemis Dress

Hot Topic

Sailor Moon Luna & Artemis Dress, $35-39, Hot Topic

Why not dedicate your outfit to the adorable kittens on the show?

7. Sailor Moon Choker

kuma crafts

Sailor Moon Crystal Choker, $35, Kuma Crafts

Let's be honest, Sailor Moon really knew how to sport the choker like nobody's business.

8. Sailor Moon Luna Tights

Hot Topic

Sailor Moon Luna Faux Thigh High Tights, $15, Amazon

These are adorable for any day.

9. Chibi Moon Skirt

Chibi Moon Mini Skirt, $30, Etsy

More of a Mini Moon fan? This skirt is for you.

10. Sailor Moon Eyeshadows

Tooth & Nail Sailor Moon Extended Bundle, $40, Tooth & Nail Cosmetics

You know that these eyeshadows will be luminescent.

11. Sailor Moon Earrings

Kuma Crafts

Sailor Moon Crystal Earrings, $18, Kuma Crafts

These earrings are perfect for anyone.