11 Sex Toys To Try This Month


What are you going to do with your January? Probably sort out your finances, reorganize your closet, calendar, purse, and entire life — right? Many of us want to make January a busy, productive month, at least in theory. But if you really want to give your January an extra boost, trying out some of the best sex toys out there is a good place to start.

The right vibrator or dildo can be an amazing addition to a masturbation session. And even if you have a great sex life with a partner, adding sex toys in into the mix can make a huge difference.

"When you try new things together you are creating shared experiences that are new and exciting," dating coach and licensed marriage and family therapist Pella Weisman tells Bustle. "That shared excitement is a way to have both closeness and stimulation, which is a great combination for sparking things... up."

And it's no secret that January can be a dreary and slightly dull month, so it's a great time to experiment and try to mix things up. So here are 11 sex toys to consider trying this month, because there's so much to explore.


Mini Magic Massager Vibrator

Don't be fooled by its size, this little number packs a big vibration. Not only is it super cute, the bendable head will let you play around with different angles — ensuring you can find the perfect fit.


FOCUS Sonic Vibrator

If you're looking for a vibrator that's a little different, this model is particularly exciting — it's easier to hold and has detachable heads, so you can find one with the perfect texture and power for you. It's great for solo use or with a partner.


Chakrub Natural Crystal Dildo

If you have some extra holiday money burning a hole in your wallet, you might want to consider this dildo from Babeland made out of a crystal. You'll be getting good vibes all around, without the vibration, of course.


Nipple And Clit Clamp

Take your masturbation session up a notch or use on a partner. This clit and nipple clamp set isn't just sexy as hell, it can really add a whole new layer of stimulation.



Part of a new wave of clitoral toys that look beyond vibration, this sonic massager is designed to give you sensations you've never felt before. Silent, waterproof, and easy to use, this toy has a lot to offer.


Je Joue Classic Bullet Vibe

Going on vacation, or just want a toy you can take on the go? This little toy can fit into your bag, which is incredibly convenient. Because it's so small, it's also a great option to bring into the bedroom, without it feeling awkward or cumbersome.


Toughage PF3101 Inflatable Sex Pillow

A lot of sex wedges are really expensive, but this inflatable pillow will let you try out a wedge toy without the price tag. It can provide extra support for tricky positions or use it to transform basic positions, like missionary.


Unbound Squish

This cute little vibrator has a very simple premise: the harder you squeeze, the bigger the vibration. It's that easy.


Nickel Finish Handcuffs

Looking for a little kink in the New Year? This basic set of handcuffs is an easy — and affordable — way to explore something a little rougher, if you want to channel your inner Christian Grey.


The Lioness Vibrator

If you're a data geek, this vibrator tracks your stimulation and your orgasms, so you can know what really works for you. It's like a heart rate monitor but way, way sexier.


Broad City Peg Like A Queen Strap On Kit

Looking to try a strap-on for the first time? This is perfect for beginners, without the complicated assembly of some other strap-ons. Just step in and go to town. If you like it, you can invest in some more elaborate products the next time around.

January has a reputation for being dull, but it doesn't have to be. Try some of these sex toys and your winter could be looking a lot hotter — and, really, can you think of a better way to pass the time?