11 'Big Mouth' Jokes That Prove The Shame Wizard Is Just As Hilarious As He Is Horrible


The first season of Big Mouth made for an uncomfortable watch, but chances are, its graphic humor wasn't still haunting fans days later. Not so for Season 2, which introduces The Hormone Monster's rival — a pointy- eared pot-stirrer who taps into many an embarrassing childhood moment. But, like the rest of the show, he doles out enough funny one-liners that you can still laugh through the pain. In fact, the Shame Wizard's Big Mouth jokes perfectly capture what makes him so hilarious and horrifying at the same time.

Of all the characters on the show, the Shame Wizard has some of the best zingers — which makes sense given that his sole purpose is to kick others when they're down. Voiced by none other than David Thewlis (a.k.a. Remus Lupin), he spends the season guilt-tripping the rest of Big Mouth's cast: Andrew for masturbating while fantasizing about his friend's sister, Jessi for getting high after finding her dad's pot. (Coach Steve, who apparently has no capacity for shame, is the only exception).

Most of the Shame Wizard's antagonizing is tied to teenage mistakes, but per usual, Big Mouth reminds us of how painfully relatable those can be. And while you may still be cringing at your own missteps decades later, hopefully the Shame Wizard can at least give you a good chuckle while shoving you down memory lane.

See his best jokes (and put-downs) below.

"I'm Taking You To That New Mac And Cheese Restaurant"


What kind of person lies about taking a kid to a new Mac and Cheese Restaurant? The same kind who takes a hormonal teenager to shame court and forces him to rely on his own Hormone Monster for legal representation, before getting witness testimony from everyone he's ever masturbated to.

"You're Not The Sort Of Boy Who Rubs Fronts With The World's Saddest Girl And Leaves Right After, Are You?"


Andrew's short-lived fling with Lola may have been a wonderful outing for Andrew's Hormone Monster, but it was an all-time great moment for The Shame Wizard. After pushing Andrew to "rub fronts" with Lola, The Shame Wizard immediately got to work reminding Andrew that no matter what he does next, he'll never get to be a "good person" afte rubbing fronts with someone he wanted to dump.

"Was It Worth It, Jessi? Just To Get Hella Faded?"


While The Shame Wizard begins the season by bringing shame upon Andrew for his sexual inclinations, the malevolent rabble-rouser shows that he encourages all kinds shame in his first interaction with Jessi. After her drug experimentation leads to her father getting kicked out of the house, the Shame Wizard turns to some outdated slang to guilt Jessi.

"You Should Have Been More Aggressive Volunteering For Hillary Clinton. If You'd Made A Few More Phone Calls...Who Knows?"


Although The Shame Wizard is saying this line to Jessi, he's also saying this to the entire audience, in a way. Sure, maybe you voted for Hillary and maybe you volunteered for the campaign — but couldn't you have done more? Isn't it your fault, specifically yours, that Hillary lost? The Shame Wizard does not work with rational thought, as it does not benefit him.

"He Still Chose To Use Her To Defile His Denim Dungarees"


There are two things in the world that The Shame Wizard simply cannot deny. One of those things is a teenager making a deeply regretful life choice, and the other is an alliteration-filled turn of phrase. Luckily for The Shame Wizard, the act of shaming Andrew Glouberman invites the opprotunity to combine his passions.

"Indeed, Professor Pervert. What Are You Teaching Next Semester? Ogling 101? Jizz-A-Nomatry?"


The Shame Wizard may be less cutting as the season presses on, but he knows that part of his job is to never let his subjects forget, not even for a moment, that they are terrible people.

"I Collect Vintage Nazi Dildos"


When even The Hormone Monsters are disgusted by something, you know it's gross. The Shame Wizard's announcement that his primary hobby is collecting "Nazi Dildos" raises a great deal of questions, none of which the Hormone Monsters want answered. As one of the monsters laments, "He figured out a way to ruin dildos."

"Why Don't You Continue Right Now, You Lousy Piece Of Sh*t?"


That's right, even the viewers are not free from the will of the Shame Wizard. At the end of the first half of Big Mouth's two-part sleepover episode, the all-knowing Shame Wizard recognizes that most viewers are likely marathoning the show, and that nothing will stop them from remaining where they are to view the next episode. And to that I say: Let me live.

"Just Accept Who You Are: A Vicious Little Queen"

One of the saddest moments in a show that can occasionally get pretty sad, is when The Shame Wizard uses others' shame to get Matthew to continue to be mean. After an episode of trying to be kind and understanding to others, The Shame Wizard pushes Matthew to go back to being cruel.

"You're Just A Room Full Of Daddies Trying To 'Abandan' Me!"

During the kids' rebellion against the Shame Wizard, the villain reveals a secret shame of his own: He's wracked by his father's "abandan"-ment, and attempts to take it out on the children.

"I Don't Want You To Grow Up To Be One Of Those Men Who Waits Six Months For A Customized Sex Doll"


While the Shame Wizard seems to be gone for good after the school sleepover, he comes back in the season's final episode to visit Andrew. The Shame Wizard never truly leaves, but even he admits he doesn't need to be so aggressive about shame. It's okay to feel a little guilt — it's what keeps people from turning into the kind of person that needs the eyes on their sex dolls to be "just right."

The Shame Wizard is a menacing presence on Big Mouth Season 2, and judging by the show's introduction of the Depression Kitty, he likely won't be the last. But he certainly provides plenty of levity (and lots of sass) along the way.