11 Shame Wizard Jokes From 'Big Mouth' Season 2 That Prove He's Just As Hilarious As He Is Horrible


The first season of Big Mouth made for an uncomfortable watch, but chances are, its graphic humor wasn't still haunting fans days later. Not so for Season 2, which introduces The Hormone Monster's rival — a pointy- eared pot-stirrer who taps into many an embarrassing childhood moment. But, like the rest of the show, he doles out enough funny one-liners that you can still laugh through the pain. In fact, the Shame Wizard's Big Mouth jokes perfectly capture what makes him so hilarious and horrifying at the same time.

Of all the characters on the show, the Shame Wizard has some of the best zingers — which makes sense given that his sole purpose is to kick others when they're down. Voiced by none other than David Thewlis (a.k.a. Remus Lupin), he spends the season guilt-tripping the rest of Big Mouth's cast: Andrew for masturbating while fantasizing about his friend's sister, Jessi for getting high after finding her dad's pot. (Coach Steve, who apparently has no capacity for shame, is the only exception).

Most of the Shame Wizard's antagonizing is tied to teenage mistakes, but per usual, Big Mouth reminds us of how painfully relatable those can be. And while you may still be cringing at your own missteps decades later, hopefully the Shame Wizard can at least give you a good chuckle while shoving you down memory lane.

See his best jokes (and put-downs) below.