Why Tyrion Will Take The Iron Throne On 'GOT'

While the contenders for ruler of Westeros have been seriously narrowed down during the last few seasons of Game of Thrones, the great game for control over the Seven Kingdoms rages on. Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow still feel like the frontrunners, but I suspect Tyrion Lannister will take the Iron Throne. Sure, he's a dark horse candidate, but he's not only resourceful, he's in a unique position to take on the role of ruler if things don't work out as planned for Daenerys.

One thing every fan knows is that Game of Thrones loves its twists. Having Daenerys or Jon ascend to the Iron Throne almost feels too easy. Both characters have had clear hero arcs, but Tyrion has been through his own trials. He is a fan favorite, and arguably just as important to the plot as the Mother of Dragons and the newly minted King of the North. He is bound to have a significant role to play in the final chapters of the series, and if there is still an Iron Throne to sit on in the end, he would be a wise choice to take on the unenviable task of rebuilding the trust of the people.

There are definite signs Tyrion will take the Iron Throne sprinkled throughout the series. If you need more convincing, then here are 11 times Game of Thrones suggested it was on Team Tyrion.

1. He Could Be A Secret Targaryen

Tyrion's descent into the dungeons where Daenerys' dragons were kept in Season 6 strongly hinted that the Tyrion is a secret Targaryen theory could be true. It seems inevitable that a Targaryen will once again rule the Seven Kingdoms, and if the Mad King was Tyrion's father, it will be a game changer.

2. He's Proven He Can Rule

King's Landing was stable when Tyrion was the Hand of the King in Season 2. He was fair to the small folk and worked hard to keep the powerful in check. He is by far the most consistent ruler the show has had so far.

3. He's The Hand Of The Queen

As Daenerys' most trusted adviser, Tyrion already has an important place by her side. If something happens to her before the series ends, I wouldn't be surprised to see her cede power to Tyrion.

4. He Inspires Loyalty

The people in Tyrion's service tend to be fiercely loyal to him — something precious few characters can claim.

5. He's Wise...

Tyrion possesses a great deal of wisdom, and he's used his wit and gift for strategy to get himself and others out of a number of precarious situations throughout the series.

6. ... And He Can Be A Warrior

If not for Tyrion, King's Landing would have likely fallen to Stannis during the Battle of Blackwater Bay. When it came time to be a warrior, Tyrion took charge, even though it wasn't his usual role.

7. He's Been On His Own Hero's Journey

Think about it: Tyrion began the series as a character who avoided responsibility at all cost, he gained power and was humbled, and then he crossed the Narrow Sea to find a new purpose with Daenerys. His journey as a hero has taken its share of twists, and it's not over yet.

8. He Doesn't Trust Freely

A lifetime of being betrayed and scorned has taught Tyrion to be wary of who he trusts. He may ally himself with people like Varys when it suits him, but he has always been clear that he doesn't truly trust anyone.

9. It Would Prove Tywin Wrong

Tywin never believed in Tyrion, and having him win the ultimate prize after all of his other family members failed to maintain power would be a bittersweet end to his story.

10. He's Cunning

Tyrion always stays ahead of everyone around him. Whether he's demanding a trial by combat or outmaneuvering Cersei, Tyrion is a master strategist.

11. His Ascension Would Prove Everything The Show Has Taught Fans About Power

The show has made it clear the old ways don't work, and the people who would traditionally hold power have all been dispatched. If power resides where people believe it resides, then a competent, wise, fair, and brave man like Tyrion should end up on the throne — completely undoing years of prejudice and preconceptions about what makes a king in the process.

King Tyrion really does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it?