11 Signs Your Partner Truly Thinks You’re 'The One'

by Carina Wolff

When you realize your partner is the one you love and want to be with forever, it's an exciting time — until suddenly, you're left with the question of whether or not they feel the same. Luckily, there are a number of ways to tell if your partner thinks you're The One. Of course, asking them straight out is always a good option, but if you want some reassurance, you can pay attention to the way they act and the things they say.

"It’s important [to know your partner thinks you're The One] because the more valued you feel, the more confident you become [in a relationship]," dating and relationship coach Fran Greene, LCSW tells Bustle. "A relationship grows and flourishes when you feel loved and appreciated and know that you have a future together. It enables you to peel away some of your layers and be your most authentic self."

Not everyone discovers that their partner is their soulmate at the same time, but taking a close look at your relationship might help indicate whether or not your significant other is very serious about you. Here are 11 ways to tell if your partner truly thinks you're "The One," according to experts.


They Put In An Effort To Be Their Best Selves

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It's a good sign if the person you are with makes an effort into being their best self. "You inspire them to up their game because they are looking at you as having long-term potential," dating and empowerment coach Laurel House tells Bustle. "They put you on a pedestal and they want to make sure that they are on the same level, which means that they feel the need to elevate themselves."


They Want You To Meet All Their Friends & Family

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When someone sees you as "The One," they are proud and even enthusiastic about showing you off and introducing you to their friends, family, and business associates. "When they walk into a room with you on their arm, they feel like they won," says House. "They are proud of who you are as a person and what you stand for, and they want everyone else to see how great you are too."


They Always Cherish You

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Your partner loves you for every aspect of you, even when you're not feeling particularly confident about something. "They aren’t just saying it to make you feel good," says House. "You can see that they feel that way in their eyes and in the way they touch you. You can feel it."


They Discuss A Future With You

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It's hard to deny someone sees you as their soulmate when they're discussing future plans with you. "Are they discussing homes, furniture, future holidays?" relationship expert Nikki Goldstein tells Bustle. "If they don't think that you are The One, they won't be committing to future time with you."


They Show Their Real Side

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Someone who is it in for the long run will show all parts of them, the good and the bad. "Some people think that this is a sign of not caring, if they let their wall down and show some maybe ugly characteristics," says Goldstein. "But it's often a sign that someone is secure with you enough to be the real them. No one is perfect, and when imperfections can be shown, it might only be under circumstances where someone feels complete."


Your Relationship Is Secure After A Fight

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You can fight and still love each other, as the relationship is secure and comfortable. "It's only natural you will fight about things and every day life," says Goldstein. "If these arguments are not a matter of stay or leave but just each other getting on one another's nerves, then you might assume this relationship has legs and you are both in it for the long haul." Better yet, if your partner is willing to work through issues that come up, they think your'e a keeper.


They Prioritize You

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It's a good sign if you are a priority in your partner’s life. "They will adjust their plans, do things with you that don’t really interest them, and are there for you when you are sick or going through a very difficult time," says Greene.


They're You're Biggest Cheerleader

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Someone who is "The One" will feel like your biggest fan. "Your success is their biggest joy," says Greene. "They do whatever they can to support your dreams and passions, especially if it has nothing to do with them."


Their Friends And Family Point It Out

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"Friends and family are telling you that your partner has never been this serious about anyone or they have never talked about another significant other like they do about you," dating and relationship coach Mary Sambrosky tells Bustle. "Don’t doubt that those that have known them a long time are either getting direct feedback from your partner or are at least recognizing behavior that is signaling you're 'The One'”.


They're Not Checking Anyone Else Out

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When your partner thinks you're "The One," you won't be worrying about them looking at anyone else. "You know that they aren’t just hiding those glances from you or scared that you will see them sneaking a peak and get upset," says House. "They truly, honestly just want you and almost seemingly lost their sight for anyone else."


They Say Your Relationship Is Different

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Your partner may express that they have never felt this connected with anyone before. "They may confess in never having had a relationship as good or as deep as yours before," says Sambrosky.

While talking with your partner about how they see the potential of your relationship is always your best option, if you see these signs, experts say it's likely your partner thinks you're "The One."