11 Small Tattoos That Last A Long Time, According To Tattoo Artists


If you're getting a larger tattoo, it'll open you up to all sorts of options. You can go wild with colors, intricate designs, and shading, thanks to the extra real estate on your skin. But with smaller tattoo designs, you'll be a little more limited — especially if you want your ink to look good for years to come.

"One of the biggest factors in your small tattoo lasting a long time, is not having it crowded with intricacies," tattooist Adam Villani, tells Bustle. "Small lines of ink and tiny designs that are close to each other tend to bleed together over time." So the smaller your tattoo, the simpler the design should be.

"The best kind of small tattoo is one that is simple and allows generous spacing between ink," Villani says. There's a good chance a detailed floral design or a small word, for example, will eventually lose its crispness to the point you can't even tell what it is.

While larger tattoos can blur and fade, too, it's even more noticeable the smaller you go. Of course, it's ultimately up to you if you're OK with that, or if you want to avoid blurriness. If you'd like your small tattoo to stay sharp, consider some of the simple ideas listed before, which experts say last really well.