11 Spice Girl Outfits That Are Back In Style

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Girl bands were the epitome of cool in the '90s, but since then their aesthetic more or less has fallen out of favor. There wasn't much use for platform boots or vinyl minis in the 2000s, but there are still some Spice Girl outfits that are coming back into style. You never thought you would see tube top dresses or sports bra tops making a comeback, but it seems like fashion has a penchant for recycling. As the '90s have been making their way back into our wardrobes, many decidedly old school things have become new again. From plaid two-piece sets a la Clueless to chokers and slips that were made popular with grunge, almost anything and everything with a slight '90s aesthetic is back in. Which is why it's no surprise that the loud and flamboyant looks that our favorite Spice Girls wore are also fashionable and totally doable now.

From Scary Spice's jumpsuits to Sporty Spice's athletic wear, from Baby Spice's flirty minis to Ginger Spice's amazing platforms, you'll race to the store to get all those girl band staples. Ahead are all the Spice Girl outfits that are making a comeback in 2017 — prepare to start rocking pigtails and flashing some major abs.


Emma's Plaid Mini Dresses

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From punk rock girls in the '90s to our beloved Baby Spice, plaid dresses have been in style for decades. And it seems like they will never lose favor in the public eye — just pop into any fast fashion store come September, and the racks will be overrun with plaid minis just like Emma's.


Mel B's Two-Piece Set

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Two-piece sets are all the rage these past couple of years, mostly because they require little to no thought when it comes to mix and matching: They're a whole outfit already! Mel B's one is especially cute, what with the high waist pants and bralette look.


Mel C's '70s Inspired Ensemble

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The '70s trend is in full swing in 2017, so Mel C's light blue bell bottoms and sporty, racing-stripe top would fit right in. All you have to do is match the look with Puma sliders and you would be streetstyle chic.


Mel C's Clashing Prints

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If you don't subscribe to the minimalist aesthetic and prefer to have a louder look, then clashing prints and patterns in your outfit is where it's at. Mel C flawlessly shows fans how good it can look, taking her tartan pants and contrasting them against a striped sports bra. The trick to not making it feel overwhelming is to keep it in the same color family — and in this case, that was black and white.


Mel B's Kimono Top

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Take a gander through Topshop and ASOS and you'll notice a bevvy of tops that are both crop top and maxi dress hybrids. Meaning they open up right where your underwire sits on your chest (letting you flash plenty of tummy) but their hems also flutter down to the ground. Mel B was ahead of her time with her striped ensemble.


Mel B's Quilted Vest

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Just because it's summer doesn't mean we don't like our outerwear. Mel B perfectly shows how to layer up during the hotter months, sporting a textured, quilt vest that added a fun pop to her look. The quilt adds texture to the outfit, while also giving anything from cargo pants to a flirty dress an interesting spin.


Victoria's Peek-A-Boo Bra

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We're all about flashing our bras or freeing the nipple nowadays, so Victoria's peek a boo bra fits in that 2017 aesthetic perfectly. Just take a look at our sheer shirt and see-through dress trends for proof that bras are just as much a part of our aesthetic as the shoes we wear.


Geri's Sequined Leotard

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All you would need to do is put a sheer, floor-length skirt over Geri's sequined leotard and you would have one rad Friday night outfit. Or if you're more modest you could pop on a pair of jeans over all that sparkle and have a fabulous tube top. It would look amazing either way.


Mel C's Trurtleneck Sweater

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Did she pick this up in Zara, because I swear I just bought the same one at their 50 percent off sale this past season. I'm now twinning with Sporty Spice, which is, quite frankly, sartorial goals.


Mel C's Mesh Sports Bra

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How on trend is Mel C with her mesh top? Sporting white tracksuit pants and a simple white sports bra, she adds some edge to the look with a white mesh overlay shirt. I would totally wear this for drinks on a Saturday night — which just proves the Spice Girls were and always will be sartorial stars.


Geri's Sunglasses

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Geri's sunglasses are super '90s and you might want to fight me on the opinion that they're coming back around, but when you see Bella Hadid rocking them like it's no big deal, then you know they'll be making it big soon. Raid your mom's '90s clothes box in the basement and pull out her pair — Ginger Spice's look is coming back around.

From high ponytails to quirky two-piece suits, the Spice Girls will always be a source of sartorial inspiration for us. May platform shoes and tube top dresses never die.